Well, if you take a moment to consider the several Lolita styles available, you will definitely observe that they all have some things in common, no matter from which style category they are from.

The core element of a Lolita outfit consists of the dress or skirt. Yet there are two distinct types of dresses fashion houses accept as a Lolita style outfit. The first one, the one-piece Lolita dress is easy to spot as it comes with sleeves of different sizes. Huge, small, medium or anything else that covers shoulders is considered to be a trademark of a Lolita dress. The one-piece Lolita outfit is mainly characterized by the impressively high collar that closes nicely around the neck.

The second type of Lolita style that gained more and more popularity during the past years is the Lolita Jumperskirt or JSK. Read on to find out what makes the JSK Lolita different and how to mix and match it for the best Lolita outfit.

What is Lolita JSK?

The Lolita Jumperskirt represents a dress that requires a complementing, matching Lolita blouse. In some situations, the design includes a pair of straps, yet those never cover the shoulders entirely. To transform a Lolita skirt into an authentic Lolita look, you will have to follow the next three guidelines:

#1 Choose the correct Lolita JSK length

The signature Lolita skirt always ends on your knees or at least a few centimetres above. But if you stumble upon a situation in which your skirt is rather short, you can always opt for an underskirt with a maze of ruffles at the end, that will complement the overall Lolita look.

#2 The shape is what defines a Lolita jumperskirt

With the aid of petticoats, two distinct skirt shapes for Lolita can be achieved. The Bell-Shaped Lolita JSK resembles quite well the design of a bell, while the A-line Lolita skirt comes in the form of an A.

#3 The best Lolita outfit is always qualitative

The Lolita fashion trend is all about the quality of materials. This is the case with the JSK skirt, too. You will have to opt for a skirt that features in its design qualitative lace, due to the fact that this is what makes the difference between a Lolita skirt and a regular skirt. In addition, paying attention to the type of blouse you match to your outfit is also crucial.

Types of Lolita Blouses for JSK skirts

We can safely consider that there are three types of Lolita blouses that can be matched to a JSK skirt. The High neck blouse is mostly part of the classical Lolita look, as it is designed with floral prints and it can nicely match an A-line skirt. The Peter Pan collar shirt is common in both Sweet Lolita and Classic Lolita, as it is playful and can match both types of Lolita skirts. The long/ short sleeved Lolita blouse is easily recognizable in the Gothic Lolita, yet it can easily be part of the more classical outfit.

Matching the JSK skirt and Lolita Blouse

The patterns, colours, fabrics and styles offer a mesmerizing matching effect to any combination consisting of a jumperskirt and a Lolita blouse. Opting for similar patterns can increase the wow-effect of this type of outfit, while choosing something slightly different can lead to a unique Lolita look.

Amongst our recommendations, we can mention the combination set of a sling JSK skirt and a Lolita Blouse. The Astrology College Series Printing JSK Classic Lolita Sling skirt comes with a one-of-a-kind design, inspired by astrology and astronomy. This print is easy to mix and match with a Pure Color Chiffon Lace Classic Lolita Trumpet Sleeve Shirt because the dark colour of the skirt suits nicely the bright, pastel colour of the blouse. This Lolita sleeve shirt is made from chiffon, making it the best example of the Classic Lolita style.

You can always opt for combining a lapel JSK skirt with a Lolita blouse, as it can offer an intriguing flair too. The classical  Blue Lolita JSK is the signature style for Lolita, as it comes with a print with bold patterns, along with straps that complement nicely the overall appearance. It can be mixed with a  Pure Black Or White Classic Lolita Long Sleeve Shirt, leading to a classic Lolita look or even a bold one, depending on the colours you opt for.

And if you are bold and come with a strong personality, you can always consider wearing a Punk Lolita outfit. The Strawberry Witch Mechanical Balloon Series JSK Punk Lolita Sling Dress is made out of cotton and it looks quite vintage. This traditional JSK chest support is what makes it stand out, while the balloon-like print resembles the era in which hot balloons were first invented. Of course, this JSK skirt can be matches with a Star Dream Magic Array* Series White Ruffle Collar Classic Lolita Long Sleeve Shirt for the best punk, classical Lolita outfit. Made out of linen, it is extremely comfortable to wear and its delicacy will make the entire outfit look exquisite.

This being said, if you enjoy wearing a Lolita outfit, you can always opt for the versatile Lolita JSK skirt. It allows you to change completely the outfit with the aid of several blouses, depending on your desires. Versatile, easy to mix and match, and adaptable to a multitude of Lolita styles, the JSK skirt is a must have for any Lolita outfit fan.

All images courtesy of JSK Lolita