Hi babes! As some of you might know, two weeks ago I moved from Argentina to London, and I feel like it’s been a non-stop since I started packing. Everything was so hectic and I’m barely processing it all now.

The days that followed my arrival to London came filled with plans. Dinner with my in-laws, Valentine’s Day, a Valentine’s weekend getaway to the Costwolds, my sister-in-law’s wedding, oof! So much!

These photos are from our getaway to the Costwolds, especifically the Wyck Hill House Hotel, where we stayed during the whole of our trip because storm Dennis didn’t let us go explore the town, lol. Also because of the storm, I didn’t even gte a chance to take a proper pic of the building’s facade and I’m pretty mad about it lol.

It was a beautiful trip regardless, the hotel, an old Manor, was exquisite and I felt like a character of a movie there. Our room was extremely big and spacious, definitely one of the biggest hotel rooms I’ve stayed in so far. Unfortunately, the picture I took doesn’t do justice to the space of the room as I was only standing in the middle of the room.

The night we took these photos we were heading to a gorgeous art deco old cinema now transformed into a restaurant called the Daffodil. I wore a safe and classic lbd by Blooming Jelly* and patent faux-leather boots instead of pumps for a modern twist.

By the way, for the first time since I came back, hubby is behind the lens with a brand new camera he got me for Christmas thinking of my blog (isn’t he the sweetest?). Hope you like it! <3



Dress: Blooming Jelly* – Boots: Zaful*

Ph: Robert Howells