My lucky husband got a new Trendhim item to review. This time is the Lamair Black Discover Foldable Tote Bag by Trendhim’s own brand, Lazy Bear.

You probably find the name Trendhim familiar from last year’s Christmas gift guide or my review of one of their watches. Both items are still worn to this day by my husband and he even got some cumpliments for his Sidegreen Teal Kevil Watch!

The object of today’s review though, is one of Lazy Bear’s Foldable Collection -a collection designed to travel, with pieces that weigh less than a water bottle yet spacious enough to hold everything you need.

The collection is made of 5 different foldable items, each of them in a variety of colours, that include backpacks, bum bags, totes, laptop bags and duffel bags. The variety of designs makes this collection versatile enough to be wanted by both, explorers and urban travelers alike.

We got the Lamair Black Discover Foldable Tote Bag. A perfect blend between stylish and practical design made from water-resistant and hard-wearing materials. This bag is said to be inspired by «the urban explorer and his constant quest for travel and adventure – a never-ending discovery.»

True to Trendhim’s roots, this Danish designed bag conveys that Scandinavian minimalism with great performance down to the details. For example, the writing on the ‘Discover’ word and the detachable tag are not only nice-looking details but they’re also both reflective.

As Lazy Bear bags are all extremely lightweight and foldable, it makes it easy to pack inside your luggage or even another backpack. The internal zipped pocket can be used to store your wallet, phone or hold your folded tote. Extra space is found in the external zipped pocket on the front.

Bear in mind (I had to do that. sorry) this or any of the bags on the Lazy Bear collection would make a GREAT gift for any man in your life. Adventurous? Get them the backpack or the duffel bag. Sporty? Then go for the bum bag. A city boy? Either the tote bag or the laptop bag got him covered.

I’m a sucker for convenient designs that make your life slightly easier, so the Lamair Black Discover Foldable Tote Bag completely won me over. I’m literally persuing my husband to share this tote bag with me haha.

This has been another win for Trendhim, a brand which seems to do no wrong. Every single item we tried from them, being it a watch or a wallet or a bag, they have been all consistently FLAWLESS. Can’t stop recommending them enough!