jolie beauty bomb dot com palette review

Guys get ready for a fantasy trip to glitterland in this post. I’ll be reviewing the Jolie Beauty pressed glitter eyeshadow palette Bomb Dot Com*!

Not too long ago, I reviewed Jolie Beauty‘s gorgeous blushers and bronzers in this post. Amazing quality, beautiful shades and stunning presentation. Today we’ll move on to the eyeshadows. But not just any eyeshadow..

With the Holidays around the corner, glam, sparkles and glitter are having a moment too. I was so happy to review Bomb Dot Com just in time for Christmas!

jolie beauty pressed glitter


The presentation is flawless. Both the box and the palette are covered in a satin golden glitter, and we see the brand and palette name in golden too. Just to give you an idea of how much glam you should expect from this product. 😉

When I open the palette, I find 24 glorious glitter colors and a practical mirror. Pigmentation in each and every one of them is no joke. They’re as bright and colorful as you see them in their little pans.

bomb dot com
uk jolie beauty eyeshadow


I obviously used my fingers to apply this eyeshadow because glitters don’t usually get along with brushes. Having said that, I tried a brush for the champaign shade for the inner corner of my eyes and it surprisingly worked almost as good as the fingers!

You can also layering them up if you’re doing some ombré kind of transition between one shade and another. They don’t bulge at all. It’s great being able to do that with these glitters because they usually don’t blend. Even though layering is not blending, you can still get some pretty cool effect and makes the palette more versatile.

I don’t use any glue prior to wearing this glitter palette, but I do use a setting spray after completing both eyes to ensure lasting. I was really happy to see there was barely no fall out at all, either when I was applying it or afterwards.

glitter palette
close up gliter eyeshadow
close up eyeshaodw shades

The cool stuff

Just like all the Jolie Beauty products, Bomb Dot Com is vegan and cruelty free. It is safe to use not only in the eyes, but also in the face and body too.

You can play with them this Christmas season (God knows we need some extra sparkle this year after everything). But this palette has all the colors of the rainbow so they’ll be highly useful for summertime festivals or cheerful makeup looks.

eyeshadow makeup christmas


Last but not least, what everyone is waiting for. Swatches of all the shades! My personal favorites are Rosy (because -rose gold), Blossom, Disco and any of the gorgeous blues!!

These pics have only been edited to add the names of the shades, but in terms of color, brightness, contrast, etc, I haven’t touched them so that you guys can see the real shades. 🙂

pressed glitter swatches
pressed glitter swatches




glitter eyeshadow