Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Blushers and Bronzers

I was a happy bunny when I knew I was going to test some seriously cute looking vegan blushers and a brozer by Jolie Beauty*, from their Second Skin Powder line.

If you’re not familiar with the brand yet, let me introduce them like this. I found this is a company that speaks to us millennials and Gen Z: we love makeup, they give us excellent quality. We love social media, so they give us an aesthetic packaging. We love our animals, so they give us cruelty-free and vegan products.


Let’s start by the quality. All these gorgeous cruelty-free blushers and bronzer have great pigmentation and they stay the whole day in place. At the same time, as a little bit goes a long way, the generous 15g pan will last you forever.

The powder feels super lightweight, gave me zero fall out and it’s buildable. You can adjust the intensity of the color with every stroke and it will still look natural and as part of your skin.

jolie beauty


It’s impossible not to mention the packaging. As the biggest rose gold junkie out there, I gasped at the sight of the boxes, featuring every word and the brand’s bolt logo in my favorite color.

That happiness doubled when I saw the compacts in all their rose gold glory. They look expensive AF, and the amount of makeup in each pan is so generous (15gr).

jolie beauty packaging


Last but not least, one of the main reasons why we should all stan Jolie Beauty. Their stance on animal rights in the cosmetic industry is perfect for our current times, when we’re all tired of animal testing and/or part of our products.

Not only these are vegan and cruelty free blushers and bronzers, but their entire range of makeup follows the same line, and it’s proudly shown in their packaging.

cruelty free makeup

Jolie Beauty offers 5 shades of blushers and 3 shades of bronzers. Depending on you Light, Medium or Dark complexion, you can pick the ones that suit you the most. I received the following shades for Light skintone:

Unedited pic. From top to bottom: Latte, Flushed, Rendezvous.


A coral shade that creates a perfectly natural flush to the cheeks.

Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Blusher shade Flushed


A pink based blusher, perfect for the cooler months as the skin is not tanned and gets more into the paler side. (It looks definitely pinkier IRL).

Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Blusher shade Rendezvous


A warm beige tone that adds dimension to the face in a soft and subtle way.

Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Bronzer shade 01 Latte

These have to be one of the best brozer and blushers I ever put on my face. It can proudly sit right there with luxury brands and its quality won’t be questioned. Your makeup bag NEEDS some Jolie Beauty high quality glam in it. Check them out.

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