The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people do things. With the need to stay indoors, wash hands frequently, and wear masks, it’s not a wonder to see people refraining from wearing jewelry. Some find it unnecessary because they hardly go anywhere, while others have hygiene-related concerns.

However, with the world opening up gradually, people are eager to show off their sense of fashion, meaning that the demand for jewelry is about to go through the roof. As such, it’s crucial to have the perfect pieces of jewelry in hand so that you can stay on top of your game. Ideally, get quality pieces to ensure that you use them for years to come while staying on trend. Here are some great jewelry trends that we can expect for this fall that you’ll be oohing and aweing over!

Vintage Watches

Watch brands such as Rolex, have been placed on a pedestal in the fashion world for generations. It, therefore, follows that most people will be looking for new models this year to get their “Rollie” fix. Whether you want a bigger, menswear style watch or a smaller feminine one, vintage watches are great because it’s like they’ve got a story of their own.

Of course, a vintage watch may not come without its defects. Suppose your Rolex isn’t working properly after months of storage, it’s best to bring it in or send it to specialized Rolex repair shops like Pisa Orologeria and let experts specializing in luxury watch repairs do the work.

Chandelier Earrings

When stepping out to a party, meeting, or date for the first time after the lockdown, you can make a statement with Chandelier Earrings. This classic earring trend will get you turning heads than any other piece of jewelry. From a chic evening dress to a casual pair of pants, you can elevate your appearance with these earrings regardless of what you’re wearing. With these type of earrings, feel free to go absolutely crazy and as big and bold as you want!

Thick Chokers

Choker necklaces have been making a bold statement for decades; fashion gurus and enthusiasts still love them. However, 2021 has seen the thicker variation make a stronger statement than their thinner and dainty counterparts. Think a thick, gold chain choker or a banded choker with a charm dangling on the front to cause heads to turn towards your beautiful face!

Fringe Pieces

There’s always a charm in the simplest of fringe jewelry. You can add some swing of style to your attire by donning these pieces on your earlobes, neck, waist, and wrist. Fringe pieces really are the epitome of fun, you can move all around and they move with you. Think of fringe rings, dangling chains of gold or earrings that will frame your face.

Angel-Inspired Hair Accessories

Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Solange have brought back the 90s bobby pins, but with a touch of modernity. Since you don’t want to look like a copycat, add an angelic flair to your hair with angel-Inspired Bobby pins. You may also try out bows and headbands to add a bold and innocent appearance to your head.

Jewelry can effectively communicate your style and mood. Whether you feel excited or flirty, you can use jewelry to make a statement. Do you prefer wearing pounds of costume jewelry or a minimalistic vibe? You can have fun finding your perfect face ornaments this year!

Contributed post by M. Davis