Another collection of gorgeous rings on sale from Jeulia* and ‘m here for it. You might find the name of the brand familiar, and it’s because I’ve written about them in past occasions, always featuring their stunning and sophisticated promise rings, and today won’t be an exception.

I’m not going to lie, these rings are so beautiful that they could easily be engagement rings, but these women promise rings, also known as pre-engagement rings are the most popular option for couples who are too young, broke or busy to get properly engaged in that particular moment, but still want to honor their commitment and desire to get married in the future.

Jeulia rings feature elegant designs with heart shaped diamonds, pearls, two metals in one ring, colorful stones, diamond halos and more. Of course, you can still find simple promise rings and classic designs such as solitaires, rounded diamonds with halo, silver or rose gold and less opulent stones.

Whether it’s for an engagement occasion, or as a pre-engagement symbol to your lover, a beautiful gift for a relative or your mom, or even a present to yourself (why not?!), these Jeulia rings would be a great gift. Check them out on their website and browse through heir other collections not only of rings but also necklaces and bracelets.



All images courtesy of Jeulia