With Spring in full swing, Mother’s Day in the US is approaching. In need of ideas of what to give her on Sunday 10th of May? Jewerly never fails, and Jeulia* got you covered.

As you can probably remember, I’m a fan of customized stuff, and when it comes to jewerly it becomes a special, a token your loved one won’t want to take off.

There are a lot of options out there, but Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts are always a classic that never fails. They’re elegant, thoughtful presents that will stay with that person forever, and even pass on to different generations.

When it comes to customization, Mother’s day personalized jewelry gifts are the perfect combination between something wearable that she’ll actually love and the uniqueness and sense of exclusivity that a personalized item gives.

There are popular designs that go perfectly for this day, such as the famous Tree of Life or Family Tree. You can find it in minimalistic styles or making the most out of every customisable detail.

This double pendant for example, features the names of all the children engraved in one layer, and all their birthstones embellishing the tree on the other layer.

Jeulia Filigree Tree Family Necklace with Birthstones Sterling Silver

Monograms, initials and full names are timeless options for necklaces or bracelets. You can send them to engrave in either silver, gold or rose gold based on her preferences, and again, there’s room to go from neat and simple,as shown here, to full of details and materials.

Jeulia Heart Initial Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelet
Jeulia Silver Signature Style Name Necklace
Jeulia Initial Necklace Sterling Silver

Adding photos to jewerly it’s something that has been going on for centuries. It’s classic and nostalgic, but in a good, endearing way. If you can then add rose gold and diamonds to that jewelry item then you got a winner for life.

Whatever jewelry gifts for mom you’re considering for this year, either customizable or not, I’ll always recommend you to check Jeulia jewerly. It’s a trustworthy brand, you can see the review on site and if you go to their Instagram you can see all the people who got their beautiful item.



All images courtesy of Jeulia