You guys all know my obsession with Jeulia*. Their designs are always either super cute or super elegant. Last time I checked their site, the Jeulia Jewelry watermelon stones caught my eye. Let’s see them.

Blazing with Color

I remember seeing before some lovely rainbow-like designs using stones of different colours. They were usually combined with small diamond-like stones or main stone. This «Blazing with Color» design is seen in some of their wedding ring sets, where both rings feature the rainbow shades, crowned by an emerald cut stone.

In a similar way, but this time with a «Multi-color» design, you can see this lovely silver band.

The latest type of multi colour stone is the watermelon one. Its effect features shades from bright pink to bright green. The design, that currently features five items, is called «One of a Kind» -and it truly is. The real pictures of customers also show how beautiful the stone shows different shades depending on the light.

Funnily enough, two out of those five «One of a Kind» items are in combination with the «Blazing with Color» collection. That means, the main stone has the gorgeous watermelon effect while the accompanying stones are all from different shadesm making what I called earlier the rainbow effect.


One of a Kind

In case you like this beautiful cushion cut watermelon stone ring but consider it a bit too colourful for an engagement ring, you can always give it as one of those sweet promise rings. The design is perfect for a young lover, cheerful and bright. It features 32 rounded side stones in colours like amber, light pink, blue, green, champagne, purple and white.

You can even complete the set with its matching sterling silver earrings. It’s made of a combination of three different stones: emerald cut for the main one, surrounded by tiny rounded ones and completing the design with eight Marquise stones.

The next two are a couple of gorgeous engagement rings for women. My favourite is obviously the rose gold one. I love the fact that the watermelon shades in this one are different too. The shades are less jewel-like and more warm, pastel tones. The rest of the 42 other stones remain white and alternate their rounded and emeral-cut shapes in three rows.

Back to silver, we find a «traditional» design of 62 small white rounded stone with a main watermelon emerald-cut stone. You can add its matching pendant necklace with the same colour-shape combination.

I hope you guys enjoyed this selection of unique Jeulia designs. Both their «Blazing with Color» and «One of a Kind» mini collections were worth a separate post. <3



All images courtesy of Jeulia