Jeulia Halloween Sale 2020

You all know my love for Jeulia* jewelry pieces by now. Everytime I checked their page I found something I liked. This time, I stumbled upon the Jeulia Halloween Sale 2020, and here are my faves.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween sale without some Halloween characters like Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally wedding bands, rings with cat shapes or more Jacks.

Jack and Sally wedding bands
Jeulia The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Sterling Silver Band
Jeulia ring jack Skellington Halloween sale 2020
Jeulia Simple Cat Sterling Silver Ring


Following the same vibes, you could also opt for black jewelry. You can choose between black plating color and/or black stones. This breathtaking black engagement rings are equally classy and timeless as a regular white diamond ring, but more unique.

Jeulia Halo Oval Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Milgrain Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

For some reason, the contrast between the white diamond strass and the black main stone is my favorite for this kind of rings. The shape of the main stone is more prominent and catches the attention even more than a white diamond.

Jeulia Halo Princess Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Vintage Milgrain Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring
Jeulia Three Stone Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Needless to say, Jeulia has all the traditional wedding jewelry we all love as well, and you can see it in previous posts. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The main stone shapes in their engagement rings are also traditional ones such as round, princess, cushion, oval, pear, etc.

Back to our Jeulia Halloween sale 2020 theme, I kept looking for black rings. Funnily enough, my husband’s wedding ring is black with a rose gold horizontal line wrapping the full circle of the ring. That’s because his favorite color is black, but he also wanted to match my rose gold ring set.

I imagined for a second what I could have found if I had decided back then to match HIS ring color instead of him doing the other way round. So I checked the bridal ring sets and found lots of beautiful engagement rings + wedding bands wrapped in the elegance of black.

Jeulia Diagonal Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set
Jeulia Black Tone Heart Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set
Jeulia Vintage Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set
Jeulia Interchangeable Princess Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set

Do you or would you have a black wedding ring? Let me know!



All images courtesy of Jeulia