Oh yes, because they’re not only cute, original and cool af. They’re Instagram-worthy and you’ll probably see the next it girl wearing them. That’s how dope they are. I’m talking about the Baginning* bags and clutches, the coolest designs I’ve seen around in a while!

Whenever you need to elevate your outfits, shoes and bags come to the rescue. The right pair or style can make or break the whole look. The perfect bag has to match not only your outfit but also your personality, and you have an edgy, modern and cool personality then Baginning bags are for you, especially these clear bags & jelly bags.

They have different kinds of clear bags such as backpacks, crossbody bags, beach totes, fanny packs, clutches and more. Some of my favorite ones are the ones that come with pearls or wooden details, I think the mix of textures is really fun, unique and trendy. Also, the jelly texture feels irresistible to both, the eyes and touch!

Of course you can also find classic totes and designs in general in Baginning but I’m here for the hidden gems, for that kind of bag that gets you random compliments and questions about where you got it from. So, following that premise, I stumbled upon the holographic purses. There’s something so modern or should I even say ”futuristic” about holographic fabrics and materials. You could mix that factor with a classic crossbody bag or backpack, or go full hip and trendy with a holographic fanny pack or rounded bag.

On the other side of the spectrum, the evening clutches on Baginning are elegant but they don’t give up on the funky attitude that represents the brand. You can find them in two kinds: classy and sophisticated, or unique and edgy but keeping the elegance. So yes, you will find gorgeous golden or silver satin clutches, some of them featuring details in beads and little rhinestones, but you can also find eccentric designs, mix of textures and materials, non-traditional shapes and any little edgy details you can think of, but again, without losing the sophistication of an evening clutch.

If you’re in the search for that particular bag that gives you all the attitude and Instagram cred then I suggest you to look into Baginning designs. Any fashionista will appreciate your fun fashion risks and edgy aesthetic. Check them out!



All images courtesy of Baginning