Hi lovelies! I’m extremely happy to be able to share a new OOTD post today. Not only that, but also I will finally explain why that took so long and why I am suddenly here, in London! Last but not least, I’m also happy to talk about this cute tshirt and sunnies that TwinkleDeals* kindly sent. Uff, let’s better get started!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know that I’m in London for almost a month now. I’m certainly enjoying every minute here and slowly getting used to things that are new to me (and the weather lol). The reason why I’m here is not news, actually. If you remember my Travel Diary posts back in February, you might remember I told you about my long distance relationship. So basically, my boyfriend is Welsh but he’s been living in London for almost a decade, currently in Greenwich. So for our first photoshoot here, instead of going somewhere iconic like Westminster, I chose to go where I am staying these months: the above-mentioned Greenwich! 😉 Greenwich Park is a gorgeous green park just a few blocks from where his place is. It also has a delightful view to Canary Wharf, which is quite iconic per se too.

For a casual summer day at the park I picked this super laid back outfit. I got this lovely and funny «Push my Buttons» keyboard tshirt from Twinkledeals, as well as these pink-to-light-blue ombrè sunnies. I didn’t know the site Twinkledeaks but I’m happy to recommend it now after this collab. The items I got from them are really cute and well made, so I have no complaints. 🙂

I hope you enjoy these photos, I certainly enjoyed the photoshoot because my boyfriend was kind enough to be my photographer and it was a nice excuse for us to go out there and try something new for us! Anyway, have a lovely week guys and thank you so much for your patience, it’s been a long month of no OOTDs but I’m finally back 🙂



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Tshirt: Twinkledeals Sunglasses: Twinkledeals Shorts: Diway – Sneakers: Converse