If you want your skin to feel clean, fresh, and glow, you need a skincare routine. Skincare removes dead skin cells and unclogs the pores preventing hives and other issues. Many skincare products contain chemicals and perfumes, so always opt for natural skincare products.

Morning Cleansing 

For skin that is smooth, soft, and healthy, it’s best to cleanse it every morning. Cleansing the skin is different from using a face wash. Face washes are designed to clean the pores with mild exfoliation, but cleansing products are made for nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals. 

For a natural skincare routine, choose a skin cleanser made from milk; it should also contain vitamins A, B2, B12, and E. There’s a reason why Cleopatra bathed in milk; the lactic acid in milk removes dead skin cells and improves the texture of the skin – the most natural solution.

Exfoliating Routine 

If you want your skin to be shiny and glow, you need to exfoliate; but how much is enough, and how can you exfoliate naturally? The consensus is that people should exfoliate 1 to 3 times per week. That’s often enough to remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface.  

Of course, there are plenty of exfoliation products on the market for you to choose from, but how do you get the same results without any added chemicals or toxins? There are plenty of options. An easy way is to use a natural sponge in the morning; also, apply honey or yoghurt to the skin. 

Holistic Skincare 

When it comes to skincare, there are plenty of products on the shelf, but many of them contain toxins and chemicals, such as perfumes, that can damage the skin and cause allergic reactions. Holistic skincare uses natural ingredients to improve the quality of the skin without any damage. 

However, the market for holistic skincare can be just as confusing; there are so many products to choose from. If you are unsure about your skin type or the best holistic products to choose, use a rejuvenate and glow kit to improve the quality of your skin with an easy all-in-one solution.

Regular Toning 

Toning is a practice that is often left out of a skincare routine, but using a toner to finish off your routine helps to tighten the pores and rebalance the Ph levels of your skin. Again, a toner can be artificial or chemical based. Talk to your dermatologist about the most suitable toner for you. 

Toning can also be natural. One of the most effective toners is made using grape-seed extract. This type of toner contains vitamin E, ginseng powder, and other antioxidants that treat melasma and skin pigmentation issues. Try to use a skin toner at least once a day for results. 

Regular Moisturizing  

One of the functions of the skin is to act as a barrier to the outside world; that’s why a regular skincare routine is so important. If you want to support the skin’s protective layer, use a quality moisturizer in the morning after your shower to lock in the moisture and create a barrier.

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