lace and favour shoes registry office wedding dress white lace deborah ferrero style by deb01

Okay first and foremost, I’m not getting married again, haha. These pictures had kind of a bridal vibe and I thought, why not turning it into an always-helpful and informative «How to» post? After all, I covered lots about wedding dresses so far on Style by Deb, but very little about another important event of a bride-to-be: the registry office wedding.

I didn’t have a separate registry office wedding because we had it on-site in the venue, after the religious ceremony and before lunch started. But I have a confession here: this was supposed to be my registry office wedding dress if I had one separately. It’s not brand new, I had it from last year (perhaps could’ve served as my «something old»?).

Registry office dresses tend to be more toned down than the dress you’re going to wear for your religious ceremony and/or venue party. You can keep a theme if you want, for example, if your main dress is vintage-inspired, or ethereal, or very princessy, you can find the «toned down version» of that style for your registry office dress. And bear in mind I keep saying «dress» out of habit but there are actually some gorgeous, elegant and modern jumpsuits or women suits that look equally exquisite.

If you’re among these brides then, make you your suit is impeccable and sleek. Clean cuts, pristine fabrics and, key factor, a perfect tailoring, are the tree main points you need to check.

More traditional brides will pick for a dress, and there are tons of styles to choose from. Flowy and ethereal, retro and ultra-feminine, sober and classic, romantic and traditional… Actually, the Gearbest dress I’m wearing would be on the latter category. Lace is the one fabric that will never but ever go out of style. Whether it’s full lace or just some details in the sleeves or neckline, lace is your safe bet and you can see the photos 20 years later and still not regret your choice.

The flowy and etherial style is perfect for a wedding on a tropical or warm place, or for a free spirit kind of girl who likes her clothes with a touch of bohemian. Try thinking of silk, muslin or chiffon, soft and natural makeup and feminine jewelry.

On the other hand we have our retro-loving bombshell, who’s probably thinking of a full 50’s like fit and flare dress with a very voluminous poodle skirt. Bonus point if she accessorizes with short gloves. Lace and organza are her fabric allies, and there’s even room for a pretty hair accessory as well.

Sober and classic styles are another timeless winner. Clean lines, solid fabrics with little to no detail, and the focus on the silhouette. You can allow some ruffles maybe, or some subtly detailed cap sleeve, and a exquisite choice of occassion shoes that will do the talking if you need to make some statement.

Last but not least, there’s a «new» trend that survived over the years and it can be applied to almost all the categories above: colors. The most popular ones are pastels -soft beiges, blush, pastel pink or baby blue. Remember what I said at the beginning of the tips about creating a theme if possible? Wouldn’t it be a cute idea if your wedding dress has some color in it, to have your registry office wedding dress fully made of that color? Creativity and the freedom of wearing what makes YOU feel good will always trump any «How to» list, don’t ever forget that. 🙂 Enjoy your big day and if you want to know how and where I picked my actual wedding gown from you’re always welcome in THIS post! <3



lace and favour shoes registry office wedding dress white lace deborah ferrero style by deb
lace and favour shoes registry office wedding dress white lace deborah ferrero style by deb
lace and favour shoes registry office wedding dress white lace deborah ferrero style by deb