Antique watches are certainly fine works of art, and they are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged. When cleaning any watch, it is important not to use anything that might damage the timepiece.

With that in mind, here are some great tips for cleaning antique and vintage watches.

  • Using a Toothbrush – Great for straps and back covers, and if you mix a little mild dishwashing liquid with water and gently rotate the head over the watch surfaces, it will remove dirt and grime in those hard to reach places. If you would like to view some stunning antique watches, why not head over to Kalmar Antiques in Sydney, Australia, who are a respected dealer with an impressive range of quality antique watches at affordable prices.


  • Blue Wall Putty – The stuff we use to stick posters on the wall, this blue putty is great for removing grime from a watch face, and it leaves no residue. It can also be wrapped around a small winder and it will remove that stubborn dirt trapped in the recesses.


  • BBQ Skewers – Thinner than a pencil, if you cut one end into a point, this can remove dirt and grime in inaccessible places. Thin carvings, for example, build up a line of dirt, and if the bamboo skewer is cut correctly, it will effectively remove everything in a groove.


  • Brasso – This can be used on metals to bring up a nice shine, which is ideal for cases, and it will clean acrylic plastic. You might have an exceedingly rare item and are concerned about damaging the timepiece, and a few bamboo skewers will certainly prove to be useful.


  • Polishing Cloths – There are numerous grades, allowing for very fine polishing, so you should buy an assortment, all of which can be used regularly to keep the timepiece looking its best.


  • Cotton Buds & Alcohol – Rubbing alcohol is a very effective cleaner and can be used with cotton buds to clean all surfaces. If the bud is hard, gently twist and pull, which will fluff up the cotton bud, thus making it more effective.


  • The Glass – The glass can easily be scratched, in fact, some antique watches have a dull appearance, due to many minute scratches, and if the watch is a vintage of no considerable value, you could have the glass replaced, which will not affect its value. It is oh so easy to scratch a watch face, and great care should be taken to ensure the glass does not come into contact with anything hard.

An antique watch is most definitely a good investment, and one that should be cared for in the proper way, which should see the timepiece appreciate in value over the years, while also giving you a lot of pleasure. If you would like to add to your collection, there are reputable online antique dealers who specialise in watches, and they can easily be found with an online search.