In building your home, a contractor is the very important person to have on your team. In building the walls or foundation of your home, a drywall or sheetrock becomes an essential building supply that needs to be purchased and even installed by a contractor.

Drywall can either be purchased as sheets themselves or as materials that need to be mostly assembled before installation on the wall itself. However it’s purchased, drywall can become very heavy and difficult for one person alone to hold up and attach to the wall studs by screws alone.

To ensure safety in hanging drywall on your own, knowing how to use tools such as drywall lifts will save you time and frustration while building your new house. They aren’t necessarily easy to use at first if the building contractor is not there to instruct you, but a little time and understanding will make this building supply a lot easier to use.

Before using it, assemble the drywall lift as instructed and attach all hooks to the drywall itself. If your building contractor was there when purchasing the building supplies, be sure to ask him or her about whether or not they would like for you to use a drywall lift before attaching the drywall sheets with screws alone.


If building your own home from scratch, installing sheet rock can become an extremely difficult part of building your house. For example if hanging one 4′ X 8′ drywall sheet by yourself seems difficult enough, imagine trying twenty or more at a time.

Guide to Drywall Sizes
Image source: The Spruce

Instead of struggling alone wondering how in the world you will successfully hang all of these building supplies, it might be time to visit your local building supply retailer and ask for the building supply you so desperately need.
Building homes is no easy task, especially building it on your own without proper building supplies.

It can become dangerous in some cases when working with heavy building materials with nothing but a screw gun to hold drywall up against the wall studs alone. With two people in most cases, installing sheet rock becomes much easier by using a building supply like the drywall lift offered at many home improvement retailers today.

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