Learn how to choose the most flattering neckline with these simple tips!

Tops and dresses come with many different styles of neckline. Some are rounded, while others are angular. Some are very revealing, while others are more conservative. While there’s nothing stopping you from trying out different necklines, you could find that certain necklines are better suited to your body and the rest of your outfit. This post explains more about how to choose the most flattering neckline. 

Broad or narrow shoulders?

Certain necklines may look better with broader or narrower shoulders. If you’ve got broader shoulders, you may find that off shoulder and boatneck necklines only emphasise the width of your shoulders.

V-neck and u-neck necklines can take away the attention from the shoulders by putting the focus on the centre. As for narrow shoulders, it may be worth considering square necklines or off-the-shoulder options to make your shoulders look broader.

What’s your face shape?

You should consider the shape of your jaw when choosing necklines and try to contrast it. V-necks work well with most face shapes, but you may want a more rounded neckline if you want to draw attention away from a pointed chin.

Rounded neckline can also help soften square jaws. If you’ve got a very round face, stick to more angular necklines like v-necks or even the asymmetrical one-shoulder look, as these may actually help to promote your cheekbones. 

Small or large chest?

Certain necklines can be more flattering depending on how small or large your bust is. Whether you’re smaller chested or larger chested, you may find that a plunging v-neck makes you too self-conscious. Subtler v-necks can typically work with all chest sizes as can crew necks.

Turtlenecks may seem like the ultimate conservative option for women with large chests, but they can actually draw more attention to your chest and are sometimes better for small chested women. Heart-shaped necklines can meanwhile accentuate your curves and are great if you are small chested or large chested.

Necklace or no necklace?

There are many types of womens necklace. Each of these different styles of necklace is likely to look better with a certain neckline. Longer necklaces can work better with higher necks, while shorter necklaces work better with lower necklines.

When it comes to v-necks, consider contrasting these with circular necklaces. As for round necklines, contrast these with v-shaped necklaces. You don’t have to wear a necklace, but should consider that an off-shoulder neckline may look bare without one (especially if you’re not wearing any other jewellery). Avoid necklaces with more decorative necklines as not to distract from them.

What’s the occasion?

Finally, it’s worth considering the occasion. Some necklines are more suitable for formal settings (such as the workplace) than others. These are generally the ones that reveal less skin (particularly cleavage). Of course, on a hot day, you may prefer a neckline that shows more skin in order to stay cooler.

Higher necklines are meanwhile ideal for keeping warm in winter. Ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel comfortable.

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