For many women, shapewear is a game changer in their lives. It not only changes the way they look but also the way they feel and think. It’s unbelievable what a single piece of clothing can do, right? Nowadays shapewear has become very popular, but this popularity has created some kind of a problem for beginners…. How to choose the right one between so many sizes, types, and even colors available?

But worry not if you are a beginner in the world of shapewear, as we will help you to pick the right body shaper for you with our simple and easy guide to do so. 

One of the first steps you need to follow is to think of what exactly is what you are looking to get out of the shapewear. Meaning what will it do for your body?  After that is decided, then you will have to decide what level of control and compression you want. 

Shapewear comes in three different levels of compression. First: is light control, which means they are the perfect ones for those who have a few bulges. And need them controlled for clothes to feel great.

Then, there’s medium control, and these are perfect for those looking to stress their curves. And finally, strong or extra-firm control. It will give you a breathtaking look without you losing your breath. Which is accentuating your curves and controls your bulges. 

So, if you want to smoothen your dress lines you should choose medium compression. And if you want to transform your figure, you should choose strong compression.

Remember that you can always accentuate your curves a lot more by using a waist trainer wrap and working out. In addition, you should have a healthier lifestyle. Remember the use of these tools might help you lose weight or clothing sizes.


Once you have decided what compression level you are looking for, you need to choose one according to your body type. For example, a high waist shaper panty will be just perfect for those with apple-shaped bodies. Or butt lifter shorts are the best for those who have rectangle body types.

Remember if you have an hourglass figure, it means that your hips and shoulders are the same widths. And if there’s bulging fat, then high-waist briefs are the best options. For those with pear-body shapes, shaper shorts are the answer, while body-shaping cami is the right choice for those with a strawberry body shape. 

The next step is to choose the right material. The best choices should be spandex materials and cotton blends. Cotton blend stretchable material will make you feel comfortable and feel good. In general, body shapers. Besides, a plus size waist trainer will make your body more prone to sweating. If you choose the right material, you will be able to wear them even during the hottest summer.

Make sure that when you have chosen the right compression, color, and material and the one that is right for your body. Also, make sure they are a good fit for your clothing. As you can’t wear a full-body shaper under a short-fitted dress, for example.  

But the most important thing is that you choose what you like and that you know it will make you feel good. In general, shapewear is something that you will choose to wear for yourself and your own comfort. So, make sure you are getting one that makes you feel amazing, but also that makes you look amazing.

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