There hasn’t been a better time to experiment with your looks like during lockdown. This is how you or how anyone can freshen up their look.

One of the fun things about life is that we’re never locked into, well, anything. It’s always possible to mix things up and do something new! This is true for our jobs, relationships, how we conduct ourselves…pretty much everything.

Of course, changing your entire personality will take time. Not everything is so difficult, however. It’s relatively easy to change your appearance, for instance.

Even if you don’t want to change every detail of your look (but feel free!), there are some things you can do that’ll help to keep your appearance feeling fresh, such as the tips we outline below.

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New Threads

When was the last time you gave your wardrobe an overhaul? If it’s been a while, then perhaps it’s time to take a look. One of the issues with clothing is that, all too often, we can fall into the trap of wearing our old favourites again and again.

They might feel comfortable, but if you’ve overworn them, then they’ll likely have lost some of their quality. Relegate them to indoor wear, and add some new clothes for your public-wear rotation.

You can even do some DIY jobs on your existing clothing and bring them back to life — it’s easier than you might think.

Playing with Makeup 

As well as your clothes, you should take a look at your makeup, or to be more specific, your makeup routine.

We tend to fall into the habit of doing our makeup in the same old way, in large part because we’re creatures of habits, and also because it takes time to come up with a new routine. Or at least, it used to.

These days, there are like, a million YouTube channels that’ll show you how to do your makeup in interesting and exciting ways. Play around with a few different styles, and you’ll likely find one that you love. 

Fresh Hairstyles

We’re usually equally as committed to our hairstyles. You can see why — once we’ve found a style that we love, we tend to just stick with it. But if you want to make a splash at your next social gathering, then it’s worthwhile looking at changing things up a little.

If you invest in the best rotating curling irons for hassle-free hair styling, then you’ll have the perfect tool to add some pizzazz to your look. Alternatively, you could look at getting your hair styled by a professional — this can be expensive but is worthwhile every now and again.

Healthy Living 

Finally, take a look at living healthily. When it comes to looking better, we usually focus just on the external things, but it’s worthwhile to focus on the inside, too.

If you’re eating well and looking after your mental health (by doing things like meditation), then you’ll feel great, and this will impact your overall appearance.

For one, everyone looks better when they’re happy! And living healthily can also tone up your body and give the clarity of your skin a nudge in the right direction too.

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