One of my favorite things about being a fashion blogger is having the opportunity to connect with some seriously talented designers. This time, I was blown away by Hollerose: the Agberu Collection.


Hollerose* is a Nigerian brand that was founded in 2010. It is known for its timeless pieces, created predominantly by local artisans and tailors. In Nigeria, tailors are amongs the highest paid artisans. Hollerose prioritizes employing more women, in order to empower them and help them to become self-sustained.


The Agberu Resort collection is inspired by the ancient west African symbol of wealth and power, ‘the cowry’. Culturally, cowries also symbolize feminism and fertility. With its rounded top bearing a strong resemblance to a pregnant woman’s belly.

Hollerose then created an in-house cowry print dyed by hand. All the designs featuring this pattern look colorful, energized and powerful. The main color palette dances around warm, earthy tones like yellow, orange and dark browns.

We also see some purples, black, white and blue. These can be in solid blocks or part of some subtle floral patterns.

Other pieces of the collection feature elevated techniques such as hand embroidery made by local craftsmen. They proudly remark that their fabrics are 100% cotton and sourced locally in Nigeria.


I had the pleasure to review this gorgeous dress with its matching headband. I found the quality impeccable, the materials exquisite and the overall design, empowering and unique.

This particular piece was chosen by me because of the pattern combination. The mix of two powerful prints that instead of clashing, they compliment each other is always something that had attracted me. Hence my Olivia Palermo Pinterest board, because she’s the queen of mixing patterns with a streetstyle twist.

The warm-toned part of this dress is accentuated later by the lovely headband. I can’t wait to wear that headband separately in other looks too, because it’s su cute and versatile.

As I’m petite, I wanted to accentuate the waist with a black belt just to show proportions. Maxi dresses are sometimes tricky for us petite girls but there’s always one or two quick and easy fixes we can pull.

Overall I loved everything about this collab. It goes beyond than just a pretty dress. I loved the design, the concept behind it, the process to create it. The history, the hands and the talent that collided in this unique piece.

I loved the whole collection, how cohesive and wearable it was while being true to its essence. And most importantly, I love the brand. Hollerose is a breath of fresh air: proud and unapologetic about its roots. Showing us all the richness in African designs, patterns and colors. Inviting us all to try it and look our best in it.

Check Hollerose’s website or give them a follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram), because these guys truly deserve it. <3



Ph: Robert Howells

Dress & Headband: Hollerose* – Sandals: Asos via LoveTheSales*