Hi my lovelies! As some of you might know, last week I was a bit out of reach while chilling on the Welsh countryside with the boyfriend, who also happens to be Welsh lol. We took the car and drove four hours to a cabin near Brecon Beacons from Monday to Friday. I absolutely enjoyed it but one more day away from the city would’ve driven me a little crazy if I’m honest.

The cabin was cute and small, but with all we needed. Plus, a lovely touch of homemade bread and fresh butter from the local farm. The view from the main window behind the bed was simply majestic. Green hills, fresh air more green hills. We were so lucky the weather was good! On our first day we just walked around the cabin and had a well-deserved pint after so many hours in the car. We also shopped for lunch and dinner for al the week and some snacks.

Tuesday was our most ambitious day of the week. We saw the sun and said: «We’re doing Pen Y Fan today». Pen Y Fan is the highest peak in South Wales with 886 metres (2,907 ft) above sea-level. I just saw nice pics of it that bf had showed me some days ago but I didn’t really know what I had just signed up to :’D I’m not proud to say this, but I don’t go to the gym or exercise, okay? Yes, shame on me, I tried but I can’t be consistent *cries*. So the obvious happened, after 7 minutes of walking up the mountain I was already tired. And after 10 minutes, exhausted and complaining. And the latter state continued until I reached the top, lol… my poor boyfriend. Anyway, once we got to the top I couldn’t believe how beautiful the view was in real life. A sea of green with curves, texture and magic was laying under my eyes. And above, only cotton clouds sprinkled in blue sky and the sun shining. Oh yeah, it was one of those moments. I finally shut my mouth and just observed the breathtaking beauty in front of me. We took the mandatory pictures after an achievement and sat down for a while. The mission of the day was completed.

On Wednesday we were both still a bit tired and sore, so we just drove to a lake, had a small picnic on a boat and then drove again to Brecons to walk the town. Oh! and then headed back to the cabin to watch England in the semi finals. Thursday was our last full day there so we decided to walk to the ruins of Longtown Castle, from the 12th century. Bf decided for us to go through a kinda creepy route where we encounter a cementery, small paths surrounded by trees, absolute silence and no humans for miles, and sheeps, many sheeps. When we finally got to the Castle we took these pics and enjoyed the history behind the place.

Then Friday came and it was time to say goodbye to our lovely cabin. I know it’s summer and everyone just wants beaches and fruity drinks but we were more than happy to chill in a cute wooden cabin, drink Argentine wine and explore the Welsh mountains, just the both of us. Many great memories and even an unexpected achievement is what that week left in our hearts. <3