Just days away from a new year, recaps, balances and “best ofs” of all kinds shower the Internet and even our minds. There was a lot going on Style by Deb during 2018, and although I still wish I had more OOTD posts this year, I’m still happy with the content I shared with you guys.


One good reason why I didn’t do as many OOTD posts as I (now) wish is because I had the pleasure to review lots of incredible skincare products, and I enjoyed so much doing so! If you followed me over the years you know Style by Deb originally started as a primarily fashion and personal style blog. It wasn’t until later that I added the Beauty and Lifestyle category you see now on the menu bar. 🙂

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality and professionalism of almost all the brands I tested this year. My most liked products by far were the coconut body butter and avocado hair mask by Anatomicals, the What’s In It For Me shower scrub, the Gearbest flower lipstick and the korean Hyuejeong luxury masks and the anti-aging serum by Lancôme.


This year I also found myself being a bit more open on my personal life. And how not to? I had the huge joy of getting engaged and I realized the changes that will come to my life with my future plans are almost impossible to leave out. Boyfriend Fiancé even made a cameo (as I like to call it) on my travel post “Highlights of a week in the Welsh countryside”, which now happens to be one of my favorite lifestyle posts of the year simply because it brings me good memories. 🙂 Oh sh*t I almost forgot I even got a new tattoo this year!


But I know most of us are here for the fashion, after all, the blog is still called STYLE by Deb 😉 So I’m leaving you with some of my looks of this year, including both blogposts and Instagram posts. A huge thanks to my good ol’ Zaful for dressing me another year, and a big shout out to eShakti, whose customized dress got me so many compliments on Christmas Eve! (plus size, petite, tall girls and all the girls who want to customize details and measurements from already gorgeous dresses, please check eShakti!)

I’m finishing this post, the last post of the year, with one of my favorite quotes, and I hope you read it and feel as inspired and motivated as me every time I repeat it. “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” -Paulo Coelho.