Either you lost some weight, you inherited some nice items or you love the thrift store.. Got plenty of oversized clothes? Let’s style them!

How is your cut looking these days? Style is something we all have in our own little way. It should be a fun thing we can play with, and use to our advantage in all kinds of situations!

But depending on the kinds of clothes you like to wear, it can be hard to come up with a stylish look you really like and feel confident in. And for a lot of people, oversized clothes can be hard to handle. 

So, if you’re an oversized clothing fan, but you’re not sure how to pair pieces together or what tucks look best, what do you do? Well, you should keep these general tips in mind when picking items out of your wardrobe. 

oversized sweatshirt
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Big on Top, Fitted on Bottom

If you’re going to start wearing oversized clothes, you’re going to want to keep the number one rule in mind for looking cohesive and put together – wear it oversized on top, and keep it fitted on the bottom. All this means is throw on that oversized gitman vintage button up, but make sure you’ve got some skinny jeans to pair it with! 

And it doesn’t have to be skinny jeans either. Any pair of trousers that are well fitting, or a good pencil or high waisted skirt, or even just a pair of shorts that you know really show off those thighs of yours. Pair them up and see just how creative you can get with just one oversized item from your wardrobe. 

oversized tartan shirt deborah ferrero

Buy the Right Oversized Pieces

Then we need to take a full audit of your wardrobe – what oversized pieces do you currently own, and what could you do with investing in? Because it’s nice to have one or two shirts that are a little too big and feel comfortable to wear, but if you’re going to commit to this style, you need some options! 

So, it’s time to get your hands on an oversized sweater. They’re key for looking and feeling comfy when you’re at home or out and about.

Similarly, make sure you’ve got an oversized jacket (usually denim) for breezy summer days. Don’t forget to always have an oversized dress to fall back on for a cozy autumn look as well.

oversized coat style by deb

Add a Little Texture

Texture will ensure you’re never looking boxy or unrefined, or like you’ve just rolled out of bed and still have your pajamas on. It’s why you need a bit of lace hemming round that oversized t-shirt. Or why you need to invest in some fishnet tights to pair with that big shirt and summer shorts look.

If all else fails, a good drop necklace will help to draw the eye and create some definition around your shoulders and collarbone! 

If you’re an oversized clothing fan, but you’re never sure how to wear your pieces quite right, be sure to keep these golden rules in mind. They work for all occasions, and they always look good, no matter your body type!

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