gift ideas for the most fashionable of friends

Sometimes it’s hard finding gifts for those friends who are all into fashion and always dressing on-point, since everybody’s style is something so personal and you want to be sure to gift them with something they will love! Luckily there are some unique types of gifts that any fashionista would appreciate and thanks to a lot of curation, here are some amazing gifts for fashionable friends that aren’t just your average pieces.

Gifts for your fashionable friends:

A luxe Italian bag

There is nothing that compares to a luxe Italian bag. A new handbag is always a welcomed item to a fashion lover’s collection, and thanks to sites like Mirta you can find artisanal handmade leather bags 100% Made in Italy that your fashionable friend will love and get a lot of use out of.

When selecting the right handbag for your friend, it is often safer to gift someone with a classic style in the color that you know they already love and use most frequently in their wardrobe. A brown, black or other neutral handbag, for example, are great colors to choose from!

neutral bag
UGG house slippers

UGG house slippers are on a whole other level compared to other house slippers, and they are one of the most popular gifts! Even if your friend already has a pair of slippers that they love, a pair of UGG slippers is always a welcomed addition and will last them for years. They are more breathable than most of the other slippers on the market.

UGG house slippers
Ella K perfume

When you know your friend’s taste in perfume, you already have a go-to item to gift them with. Ella K perfumes are French perfume brand with gorgeous scents and beautiful branding.

This brand of perfumes is also made for women who travel, as every scent is created based on a destination somewhere in the world. Not only will your friend love using an Ella K perfume, it will also look gorgeous out on display. A little beauty favorite and home décor in one item!

Missoni home products

Missoni is the go-to designer shop for home products. Fashion lovers will love having Missoni goods in their home, and especially when you know their design aesthetic, you can find some gorgeous options here. You can shop goods from beautiful towels, serving platters and combinations, and more.

Christian Louboutin lipsticks

Lipstick is an essential item in most fashion lovers’ collections. The Christian Louboutin lipsticks elevate this product, making it not only an experience to use them but with a beautiful formula, they will also become a quick favorite! They do come in at $90/lipstick, so if your friend loves lipsticks and would love a special one, this is a wonderful gift especially if you know they normally probably wouldn’t pay for it themselves.


These accessories are some that he/she will have forever and are considered collectors’ items! You’ll find something here for any fashionista whether they are looking for comfort, style, home pieces, beauty, etc. Knowing your friend’s fashion taste and even doing a little sly digging can help you figure out their favorite scents, lipstick colors, and aesthetic. Then you can gift accordingly!

Contributed post by M. Davis