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Back to reality, back home. As some of you might know, I planned a little getaway for the long weekend because I needed so badly to escape from routine at least for just a couple of days. I’m going to share with you a few photos from this lovely and oh-so-needed getaway!

The idea was just going somewhere relatively near the city but surrounded by nature. As it was a last minute plan, most of the places me and my sister wanted were already booked except for one: a little town called Coronel Moldes, only a couple of hours away from the city. We found a cute hotel available with swimming pool, jacuzzi and restaurant so that was enough to convinced us to check-in there. 😉

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On our first day I was so focused on living and appreciating the moment that I hardly took any pictures. Now I kinda regret not having my sister taking some snaps of me in the swimming pool but what the hell, I had a blast anyway 😉 I only got this no makeup selfie after swimming, LOL.

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After swimming we went for a little walk around the town. We took photos of some old, colonial style buildings and fell in love with a little church almost hidden from the town itself. I particularly adored the old stone pavement road leading to the church.

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Okay, the last one is an edited photo from the stone pavement road to the church I was just talking about. Yes, the storm was coming and it was gloomy and grim, but probably not THAT dramatic as shown in this edited pic. I couldn’t help it to make it look like a horror movie location, tho.

Speaking of horror movies, when we were still walking around the town and having some ice-cream, the sky turned black all of the sudden and there was some crazy lightening/thunders going on so we decided to go back to the hotel. We sat down under some palm trees while watching the storm about to burst at any time while talking about movies and funny stuff.

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Before dinner we had something to drink but it wasn’t too much after dinner that we headed straight to our rooms because it was already raining. And there was the perfect horror movie moment: the lights went off in the entire hotel. And don’t forget the crazy storm outside! It didn’t last too long, tho.

The second day was a rainy one so there wasn’t that much to do. Overall I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, which is fine for a change. And apart from that, I didn’t want to bother my sis asking her to take pictures of me here and there because I don’t think she’s that into the photos/social media thing, haha!

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Last but not least, on my way back home I could appreciate the beautiful landscape of green hills and faraway blue mountains. It was like the cherry on top for a fantastic and relaxing getaway, accompanied of course of a good playlist, from which I played this oldie-but-goodie song over and over again:

Hope you guys enjoyed this small recap of my getaway! Now that I’m back I’ll catch up with your blogs as I usually do. 🙂