Hi lovelies! Check out these four ways to boost your style now that lockdown’s over. Easy tips to follow if you want to make the most out of your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter whether you have spent the last year in loungewear through the pandemic, or you are used to dressing in 1950s swing dresses every day – there is always a reason to boost your fashion sense and change up your sense of style.

One positive of being at home during the pandemic is the time that you have to go through your clothing and your shoes, and make changes that will really matter. Whether you are easing back into life again or not, you need to go through it all and see what needs to change and what should stay.

One of the ways that you can boost your style include visiting the Sweater Shop sale and seeing what you can get to make a difference to the way that you feel. Let’s not forget that fashion is about more than how you look, but how you feel about the way that you look.

Perception is everything, and your sense of style will either make you feel confident or not. Below, we’ve got four of the best ways that you can give your style a boost!

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1.Wear things more than once

That fancy dress you bought for a christmas party? You can use that again for a reunion. People often feel a lot of fashion pressure to buy things for an event but your wardrobe is probably full of things that you can wear more than once, and you just have to actually wear them. Reinvent things that you wore years ago, and give them a new lease on life with different buttons or zips and more.


2. If you have clothes in your wardrobe that do not fit you, get rid of them

Yes, even the perfect jeans you bought before you had the kids. It’s less likely that you’re going to fit into them as more and more time goes on. Stop keeping them “just in case” as all they’re doing is taking up valuable wardrobe real estate. Keep the clothes that fit you and bin the ones that don’t. You’ll thank yourself later!

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3. Stop buying the clothes that no longer suit you

It’s a good way to shop – if you know it is the wrong shape or color, don’t even try it on. Keep to things that will work for you and look good on your current body that you have. If things don’t suit you, don’t keep them and don’t buy them. It has no place in your life just because you have a different vision in your head.

4. Swap things out

If you buy something new for your wardrobe, get rid of something else. You need to learn to swap and change, and the more you do this, the more your wardrobe will be full of things that you know you can wear and will feel great about wearing, too. You can donate it if you can’t sell it, but you can boost your fashion sense and feel great for it!

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