This post is going to be slightly different because I’ve never published PJ-content before haha, but these gorgeous and cozy fleece beauties deserve their own blogpost. Hence, «Fleece pyjamas & socks sets«.

Another peculiarity about today’s post is that the pyjamas themselves have not been gifted as part of a collab or even bough with my own money. They were actually two separate surprise presents from my Mother-in-law when winter began! How sweet!

Being the fan of pink that I am, I was over the moon with the first set of PJs. They have that precise shade of pink I like. Is it dusty pink? Millenial pink? I don’t really know, but I know it’s my favorite. This set is the comfiest one of the two, in my opinion.

Those socks were the cutest ones, too. They’re not only pink but also have white hearts on them for extra cuteness. <3

The second set is a made of a hooded sweatshirt with a lovely little rat and stars. I’m not a big fan of hoods for PJs because they don’t make the comfiest top when you go to sleep but I still like the set! I actually wear the top with leggins as loungewear!

The bottoms are these super cute strawberry pink pants and the socks feature similar colors in the stripes. The fleece in this Nutmeg set is beyond cozy, super warm and soft as a cotton cloud.

So this was quite a different post but I found the PJs really cute and wanted to share them with you. If you haven’t invested in fleece pyjamas and/or socks this winter, you should do it asap!! They’re no-brainers for those cold snowy nights.



Ph: Robert Howells