Hi my lovelies! No matter in which part of the world you are, events and invitations are present all year ‘round and the search for new occasionwear never stops. Usually these type of evening gowns are quite expensive, and if we happen to have 3 or 4 formal events a year, it could be quite a expense. Weddings, Prom nights, your office has been nominated for an award, your daughter is having a Quinceañera party, you name it. But what if you could know some tips to find nice dresses for affordable prices?

You don’t need to break you bank to find something nice and new to wear to an event, once you master these tricks it will be easier to search for gowns and knowing which one can make the trick or not. See for example these beautiful but low-key cheap bridesmaid dresses, none of them costs more than $50, yet what makes them look more expensive is their less-is-more rule.


A clean column or trumpet silhouette (no crazy excess of fabric in the tail or super cinched mermaid silhouette) will not only elongate your figure but it will also look classier and show the right amount of curves for a formal or smart event.

You’re totally allowed to still be drawn silhouettes with more volume or dramatic effect, in which case I recommend an A skirt, no ball gown as it’s more on the over-the-top side, and definitely without tails or crazy arm details or corset. A nice, royal-like A silhouette made either with a sturdy fabric to keep the shape or with layers of tulle will be elegant and princessy.

ever pretty bridesmaid expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown
ever pretty gold expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown
ever pretty expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown


If you want your dress to look more expensive, you might want to know which colors are perceived as instantly elegant to our eyes. Black is unquestionably the king here, even Coco Chanel used it in most of her collections because of its elegant simplicity and mystery. However, I understand if black or its second in command, royal blue, seem too dark when it comes to a wedding (they can go perfectly in other kind of events, though!).

ever pretty expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown

Gorgeous neutrals such as blush, cream, nude and grey are linked to elegance, and they look beautiful on a gown, especially if the fabric is tulle or chiffon. These colors are also perfect to be combined with a touch of sparkle or metallics, so for example if you picked a blush dress with golden jewelry or small golden details on it, you have a winner there.

ever pretty expensive looking yet afforable gown

Right now during Fall or Winter months the first option is hands-down the always elegant burgundy. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s too mature for you, you can always find a gown with metallic or satin details on it and go for a beautiful and sensual trumpet silhouette, that applies to burgundy bridesmaid dresses as well. On the same note, ruby, emerald and other jewel tones are a no-brainer if you want colors instead of neutrals.

Bonus: Careful with white! It’s a beautiful color but it’s very telling on the fabric: cheap white fabrics will tend to show at first sight their quality, as white is easily see-through, so if I know I’m shopping on a cheap site I would avoid white items.

ever pretty emerald green expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown
ever pretty burgundy expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown
ever pretty burgundy expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown


Last but not least is the fabric you choose, and this is a tricky one, as we’re talking about an essentially cheap dress that we want to make it look expensive. I mean, sure I could give you a full list of quality fabrics that are also breathable and won’t wrinkle and all those benefits from ahemm expensive fabrics, but that’s not the point of this post, is it? We’re here for the “fake it until you make it” magic. So if I were you, I’d avoid cheap versions of silk and chiffon. I’d also avoid big and chunky embroideries or even worse, big rhinestones, like I explained above, there are other ways to add sparkles to a gown (our own jewelry or subtle in-fabric metallics or small sequins already embroidered and making a beautiful pattern on the fabric perhaps). Solid fabrics usually look expensive, especially in floor length dresses, and tulle is a romantic option if you don’t like sturdy fabrics.

ever pretty expensive looking yet affordable cheap gown

I hope you guys had enjoyed this little guide I made explaining the main points you should pay attention to when looking for a cheap yet expensive-looking dress 😊 As always, Style by Deb at your service babes!! 😉



Images source: Ever Pretty*