femmeluxe puff sleeve corset top deborah ferrero style by deb wales marina

Hello my lovelies! I’m obsessed with my new Femmeluxe puff sleeve corset top and I couldn’t wait to wear it for the blog! It’s one of those items at first sight I didn’t think it was for me but I was totally wrong.

New silhouette

Typically I dress more conservately but since trends changed a lot in the recent year and «tiktok fashion» became a thing, I felt inspired to take more risks with my style. It also helped the fact that we stayed at home for almost a year so it allowed me to experiment with a little bit more freedom that I would’ve done in a pre-covid life.

It was hard to leave my skinny jeans + loose top comfort zone. We’ve been doing that for a decade and I was happy with it. But there’s one thing that makes me happier and that is playing with fashion, trying a few trends to see which ones are for and which ones aren’t, and report to you guys on what I’m wearing season after season.

So I basically inverted my outfit silhouette-comfort zone this time. A tight top and loose jeans. ‘Cause that’s the new cool kids do it these days. I’ve seen countless small summer tops (and scarves used as tops) put together with straight leg pants or mom jeans. And you know what, I wanted to give it a try!

femmeluxe corset top
deborah ferrero wearing femmeluxe top
style by deb femmeluxe finery
luxegal deborah ferrero wearing femmeluxe puff sleeve top
neon pink block heels everything5pounds
The top

When I first saw this Femmeluxe puff sleeve corset top I literally said to myself «why». It literally looks like a bra at first. I said: «I’ll never gonna wear this in real life». Disappointed of my own choice (not the item), I tried it on. I feel it’s covering more than a bra. «Promising», I thought. Then I turned to the mirror and saw. *angelic choir*. Wow, this is a proper top! Wow, my girls look GREAT in it. Wow, I don’t even need a bra underneath. WOW this top ROCKS!!

I couldn’t be happier with this top, it’s so flattering, trendy and sexy. To contrast, I paired it with ripped mom jeans -high waisted, so that I don’t show any more skin. I was torn between my white sneakers and some heels, but for the sake of these photos I decided on the heels. Neon pink heels that is.

I hope you liked this outfit as much as I did! For extra comfort, switch the heels for chunky sneakers and add a teddy jacket because truth is, spring weather is not really here yet lol.



style by deb deborah ferrero femmeluxe finery corset puff sleeve white top boohoo mom jeans pink block heels everything5pounds
deborah ferrero femmeluxe white summer top
style by deb wales mom jeans corset top block heels fuchsia
corset puff sleeve top
puff sleeve white top by femmeluxe deborah ferrero
corset top mom jeans block heels
deborah ferrero femmeluxe white puff sleeve top and pink heels
corset puff sleeve femmeluxe top brat necklace deborah ferrero style by deb
puff sleeves

Ph: Robert Howells

Top: Femmeluxe* – Jeans: Boohoo – Shoes: Everything5pounds – Sunglasses: Zaful* – Hair accessory: Oeyes* – Brat necklace: SheIn