femmeluxe pink shacket and denim shorts

Shackets. Either you love them or hate them, you can’t deny they’re super comfortable and convenient. They make the perfect layer for chilly summer nights (yep, or chilly summer days because we happen to be in the UK lol).

I found the perfect shacket on Femmeluxe*, and of course I chose it pink. They also had it in light grey, sage, lilac and navy. The fabric was softer than expected, and the fit is perfect. I never planned to like a shacket this much but here I am!

If shackets are too grungey or boyish for you but you still feel tempted to jump into the trend, I suggest you do what I did and pick it in «girly» colours like pink or lilac. You can then accentuate that colour with your accessories, like I did by choosing these pink sneakers.

Just like jackets, shackets can also add an interesting layer to your outfit. Think outside the box and combine this new and unexpected layer to cotton black dresses with sneakers or chunky Chelsea boots and a messy bun. This will keep you looking trendy but still adding your own spin.

After years of collaborating with Femmeluxe, this was my first time trying their denim, and I loved it! I got these denim shorts that look super cute and perfect for summer. They’re slightly shorter than the ones I usually wear but I still like them.

Do you guys like the shacket trend? Let me know in the comments or at @stylebydeb in social!



style by deb wearing femmeluxe denim shorts and pink shacket
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everything5pounds pink sneakers
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femmeluxe plaid shacket and denim shorts

Shacket & shorts: Femmeluxe* – Sneakers: Everything5pounds