Hello again my lovelies! I know it’s weird to see me in sporty vibes lol, as I never do sports (sadly haha) but this apparent tracksuit* was actually listed as loungewear at Femmeluxe so it serves me right to feel less guilty about having this lovely set and not working out, haha.

You might know by know how in love I am with every Femmeluxe item I got. You saw me wearing t-shirts, dresses, the most gorgeous red jumpsuit ever, and now this loungewear set. 5 out of 5 were a hit. Not a single miss in the entire order, can you believe it?

This set besides beign obviously sporty, it somehow gives me cool airport style haha. You know you have to be confortable, so when I fly I usually wear sporty clothes but this is the perfect combination of sporty and cool, so I might finally travel in style thanks to this cutie! 😉