femmeluxe peach tracksuit

I took these photos during a trip husband and I did to different little Welsh towns. My Femmeluxe peach tracksuit was the perfect balance between comfort and weekend wear, without looking too lounge-y.

This wonderful two-piece tracksuit* proved to be extremely comfy for the car ride as well. I have many co-ord sets and tracksuits from Femmeluxe but they usually feature a hoodie sweatshirt instead of a hoodie zip up jacket. I do find the latter more convenient for summer days because you can take it out or put it on depending on the weather. Whereas a hoodie stays on no matter what.

You can’t see in the pictures but the white t-shirt I was wearing underneath was also from Femmeluxe. In fact, it came in one of my first collabs with the brand, when I was still in Argentina. The tee says «Sweet but psycho», which I find hilarious… and a little accurate. 😉

I loved this Femmeluxe peach tracksuit set so much and it again confirms that Femmeluxe is not only good for killer bodycon white dresses but also for loungewear. What do you wear for road trips?



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deborah ferrero wearing femmeluxe
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Ph: Robert Howells

Tracksuit & T-shirt: Femmeluxe* – Shoes: Old, from Argentina – Baseball cap: Primark