I know what you’re thinking, another bodysuit, lol. Well, this will be the last instalment of this weirdly coincidental «bodysuit trilogy» haha.

This Femmeluxe bodysuit is different for the two previous ones because it’s not lingerie-inspired. It works as a classy and elegant top, perfect for parties or dinner dates. It’s sexy but more subtly, and with a pair of wide leg trousers this looks expensive and classic.

Every single item I got from Femmeluxe Finery has been a hit. The quality of their materials is awesome, sizing is always accurate and their designs are current and trendy. This item was the last one of this collab, and I hope to come back soon with more beautiful clothing from them!

Last but not least, just wanted to say these pics have been taken before the coronavirus situation because really serious in the UK, and I wanted you guys to know that for the last few days my and my husband have been self-isolating and working from home.

I hope you’re staying safe as well and I hope we all leave this nightmare soon.



Bodysuit: Femmeluxe Finery* – Skirt: Zaful* – Boots: Zaful*

Ph: Robert Howells