Bringing sexy back with this FemmeLuxe nude ruched dress! Guys I swear I’m falling in love more and more with each item from Femmeluxe Finery UK I get.

You might remember the brand from other ‘sexy moments’ on this blog like my Christmas jumpsuit or this perfect LBD. This time I got a dress that would make Kim Kardashian proud.

After all, the nude bodycon dress trend became really mainstream after the Kardashians started wearing them (especially Kim who seemed to have like one in each shade lol).

Even though their style is not usually my cup of tea, I do give in to the sexy powers of a nice, form-fitting dress. Femmeluxe dresses are unapologetically sexy, Instagram worthy and above all, always relevant and trendy.

We’ve all seen by now how in vogue the 80s are, especially noticeable in details such as bows, big puffy shoulders and yes, ruches. So if you’re looking for bodycon dresses with a 2020 spin on it make sure to tick at least one of those trends.

This dress has tight ruches all over the lateral seams, which creates that «loose ruches» effect throughout the dress. Said effect makes you bum look crazy rounded and lifted, like a peach! So I’m sorry but I’ll take that immediate bum lift for a night out in a heartbeat!

More Femmeluxe outfits coming next babes!! See you!



Dress: Femmeluxe* – Sandals: Sammydress* – Location: Thanks a lot to Buenos Aires Cafe Blackheat, London, for allowing us take this quick pictures there! 🙂

Ph: Robert Howells