In this double Femmeluxe post I’ll show you guys another set of cute items from Femmeluxe Finery*: The ´Baby Girl´oversized t-shirt and an orange-red loungewear set.

As a big lover of the color pink and fun captions of tops, I picked this bubblegum pink oversized t-shirt thay reads «Baby Girl» in red. I found it playful and cute. However, even when I went for the smalles size, it was still a bit too oversized for me, ‘cause you know, I’m really short lol.

I didn’t and still don’t know how I’m going to make it work, and so far it’s proving to be a nice PJ so who knows, maybe it’s multi-purpose haha. I still like it and if it came in a non-oversized version, it would be my favorite tee ever.

The orange-red loungewear set is pretty cool and comfortable. The top looks actually quite cute for streetwear, and I’m tempted to mix it with a faux-leather mini skirt I got and see what happens. Then again, it might be multi-purpose indeed!

I’m imagining that combo with over-the-knee boots and it gives me strong Fall vibes. The semi-turtle neck is perfect for transition seasons. Right now I’m not wearing this set a lot because it’s quite warm, but give it until the end of next month and I’ll be glued to it. 😉

Hope you liked it and stay tuned for the other two Femmeluxe picks!



Ph: Robert Howells