Having issues with your car? Here’s everything you should know about repairing your car dent!

Dents on your cars are an unpleasant sight and they also increase the drag coefficient, which makes fuel consumption inefficient. It is better to fix your car dents, instead of leaving them unattended. If you want to fix the dent, you can either visit the mechanic or simply repair the car dent yourself. Both options have been discussed below for your consideration.

At the Mechanic

It is better to fix the car dent immediately, rather than waiting to do so. We understand collision repairs are costly but once done right, they’re worth the investment.  If you decide to fix it, you need to assess your own abilities, before you can tackle the problem at hand.

Contacting a professional allows you to get the issue fixed easily. In addition, the recent innovations in the automobile industry have resulted in cars that need special tools to be fixed. Collision repairs may be harder to deal with and is best if left to the professionals. You can simply search “collision repair Thornhill” on Google to find a local auto body shop to help you.

By Yourself

You can fix the dent yourself by using some simple tools. All you need is a blow dryer, glue gun, a dent repair puller, bridge puller, and microfiber towels. You can use these tools to repair small or large dents in plastic or metal.

  • Use the blow dryer to heat up the area with the dent. 
  • Once the area is warmer, use the dent repair puller by attaching its suction to the dent. 
  • Pull the handle, to pull out the dent. 
  • Use the towel to wipe the surface. For a plastic dent, repeat the previous steps to pull out the dent completely.
  • For a metal dent that is still not out, apply a bit of hot glue to the deepest point of the dent. Place the head of the bridge puller on the glue and let the glue dry completely. 
  • Begin to turn the dial of the bridge puller to pull out the remaining dent. 
  • Detach the bridge puller, by drying the glue with the blow dryer. Wipe off any glue using a towel.
  • In some cases, you have to retouch the car’s paint. Follow these instructions to do so: 
  • Gradually apply small amounts of paint to the scratched surface with a steady hand.
  • Once the paint is dry, recheck the area to notice any inconsistencies and wash the vehicle. 

Some other tips

Dents can be easily fixed by you if you have the necessary tools to do so. You may always visit a mechanic, who can sort out the dent within a few hours, using any particular tools that may be needed. Regardless of your choice, it’s best to get the dent removed as soon as possible and save you money later.

In addition, it is always recommended to do regular maintenance to your car to keep it in the best shape. For example, oil change, tire change and deep auto detailing are things you can pay attention to.

There are also great upgrades you can utilize to prevent future accidents or dents. For example, you can install a backup camera, blind spot detection or even mobileye system for your BMW vehicle. Sometimes, a small investment can make a big difference for you.

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