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The summer is just around the corner and you might be thinking about how to trim down or firm up for your holidays. If you haven’t managed to maintain your workout since the new year, now is a good time to reboot it and hit your targets. Below you will find a short list of some essential items to include in your workout wardrobe


Not everyone wears a sports bra but those who don’t might suffer from discomfort in the chest and a lack of concentration  that can affect your workout performance. To avoid any distractions or pain during physical activity, invest in one or two sports bras. 

A sports bra is different from an ordinary bra in several ways. It is made with strong elastic and uses more material to hold your chest flat and firmly in place. Wearing a sports bra allows you to fully concentrate on your exercise or activity. 


The first thing to say is that legging makes the ideal workout wear. They cling tightly to your legs giving you a flexible and satisfying fit for working out with. If you’re concerned that leggings might split you need a pair of squat proof ones. 

The black shimmer leggings from curvesncombatboots are not only made from high quality stretch material and are completely squat proof, they are also made using black shimmer material. This type of material is not very common and gives an extra style boost to your workout look.


If you’re planning to stay fit and improve your physique this summer you will need a pair of running shoes that support your aspirations. A pair of training shoes that are light, breathable and suitable for a range of activities like running and aerobics would be perfect. 

The woman’s running shoes from Allbird are the best type of training shoes to spend your money on. They nor only deliver excellent quality and value, but they are also produced ethically meaning you get the best of all worlds. 


Working out during the summer can be tiring and sweaty, that’s why you need a range of workout wear to choose from, not just the essentials. Some might argue that backless tops are essential, that’s for you to decide. One thing is certain, backless tops are ideal for summer. 

Whether you want a tip to cover your sports bra during a class workout, or something to wear when the class is over on the way home, a backless top is the ideal item. This will give you a light breathable alternative to a sweat top or hoodie.


Loose yoga pants may not be essential for working out – certainly some people prefer tight pants like the ones above – but they are exceptionally versatile and can be worn casually as well as for your workout routine. 

Loose yoga pants are sometimes made from cotton, sometimes made from hemp. They are also called harem pants sometimes. These pants are loose, light, breathable, and useful – they can be worn for yoga, strength training, or for summer gatherings.

There are also some types of special leggings especifically designed to control the swelling for tired, aching legs.

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