Hi babes! We keep the sexy mood from my previous OOTD post and we go even one step further with a new Empress Mimi lingerie bodysuit*. This one’s very special to me because the whole theme of this item is one of my favorite themes on earth: cats.

If you find the name Empress Mimi familiar is because I reviewed the gorgeous Coral Goddess bodysuit/swimsuit a few months ago. This lingerie suscription box was created in London by an all female team with the premise of self-love, romance AND comfort in their minds.

For this collab, my heart jumped when I saw the beautiful packaging and the card inside. It read «Feline Fatale» on the front and «Cattitude is everything» on the back, with a lovely message when you open the card.

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m a huge cat lover (I mean, it’s even on my Instagram bio lol). And on the other hand I have a soft spot for elegant black clothing. So yes, this bodysuit spoke to me. <3

This bodysuit has the same amount of mystery, sensuality and elegance than a feline. Black tulle on the front, satin on the back, and details on both. The tulle front has two panels of gorgeous lace that emerge from sides, while the back features a delicate detail of sheer tulle and satin buttons.

I can see why they named this bodysuit Feline Fatale. It represents the subtle grace and elegance of a feline and when you put it on you transform in one. Even though this is a lingerie item, you can totally style it for outwear outfits -that’s the beauty of black bodysuits.

So far, my two experiences with Empress Mimi have been flawless, and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Check out their page for more lingerie, accessories, loungewear, jewelry and more.



Ph: Robert Howells