Élévatione Age Beautifully Gala Results Box review

After a couple of weeks of testing my Age Beautifully kit, I’m finally here for the Élévatione Gala Results Box review. Spoiler alert? It’s AMAZING.

Last month I received a lovely set to test and review from Élévatione*, an international boutique experience brand that not only sells products but also have physical spas and beauty boutiques around London, the Philippines and Mexico.

My Gala Results Box is part of their Age Beautifully line. I love how the brand made an artistic statement when they decided their slogan «Time Stops» and included Salvador Dali‘s drawing of a curved clock.

Élévatione Age Beautifully Gala Results Box review

But their artistic touch didn’t stop there. You can tell every product and packaging has some serious thought and design behind it. In my case, the Age Beautifully Gala Box comes in gorgeous shades of pinks, white and gold. And the design of the creams, similar to a time capsule (or an egg, depending on how you see it), feature clean lines and a minimalistic approach.

The three products that came in my aesthetically pleasing box were:

Élévatione Gala Results Box


The main function of this cream is moisturising your skin while protecting it from the sun with a SPF of 50. It is enhanced with «a unique biofunctional ingredient (GP4G™) extracted from aquatic extremophile plankton rich in nucleotides». This can help resist fatigue appearance and cope with environmental damages.

They also claim it is enriched with sodium hyaluronate. This helps restore skin’s moisture, promoting a more revitalized and youthful complexion appearance.

If there’s one thing I love is a product which nails two functions to perfection, like this face cream. My skin does feel hydrated and with a subtle glow. The SPF50 doesn’t feel sticky or pasty. Given the double function of this item I have less product on my face prior to apply my usual foundation and makeup!

Élévatione Face Cream SPF50


The serum leaves my face feeling like proper silk. I apply it in the mornings prior to the Face Cream SPF50. My face feels perfectly prepped for makeup: SPF, hydration and softness.

«Enriched with jojoba seed oil, known for its vitamin E and vitamin B-complex content that helps repair and control visible skin damage. Boosted with evening primrose, known to promote a healthy-looking, clear, rejuvenated complexion.»

I tried lost of serums so far, and this one is on my top 5 list for sure.

Élévatione Face Serum


These Boosting Drops are meant to use nightly together with your usual night cream. As the name suggest, they serve as an extra bossting dose of repair and youth, enhacing your complexion over night.

Enriched with lilac extract, known to soothe and smooth skin appearance, and ginger extract, known to tone and improve skin texture appearance and reduce visible signs of aging.

Élévatione Age Beautifully Boosting Drops

These three beauties together make a powerful, Charlie’s Angel explosive kind of trio for your skin. Their ingredients stratigically target the signs of aging while giving your skin smoothness, enviromantal damage protection and a young-looking complexion.

A 10/10 for Élévatione and their Gala Result Box! The other boxes are Acnot Flawless (for acne) and Light & Bright (for pigmentation). I loved my Age Beautifully! Check them out!

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