Do you know what hairstyle will suit your face? Find out what’s your face shape and the hairstyles that will flatter it!

Our hair denotes our style. As does our hair colour. So how do we choose the hairstyle that is best suited to us? Many women tend to choose a haircut according to what Trendy and everyone does, but this is not always the right way for a successful haircut that you will be happy with. Firstly you should get to know your facial structure.

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Oval facial structure  

You are without a doubt a lucky girl, because there is almost no hairstyle in the world that will not suit you. Who can really compliment you is this long and tiered hairstyle with a bit wavy hair, like that of Eva Longoria who also has the same facial shape. It is a common face shape too so the chances are that you probably have it! 

Long face structure  

This facial structure is considered one of the most attractive and good, if you look around you will find that a large part of the supermodels have this type of facial structure. To balance the length of the face, ask your hairdresser for a haircut that will define the eye line, for example a haircut of long, straight bangs with long straight hair.

Another recommended hairstyle is an asymmetrical hairstyle or a straight Kara hairstyle. If you want to design a hairstyle for yourself at home, tie a small braid on each side of the head and then tie them together at the back.

Round face structure 

To give the round face a little more length, choose hairstyles that create a division of the face. Recommended hairstyles are tiered and layered hairstyles in the area of ​​the jaw line, shoulders and neck. Hairstyles in which your hair tends to a certain side or a short pixie hairstyle, like that of Michelle Williams. Color is also a great way to add some length to the face, ask your barber to add soft shades or lighten the hair at the bottom of the hair, like Rachel Bilson has! Afterall, a hair change is great! 

Square face structure – when the measurements are the same but there are areas with an angle 

Take a look at Heidi Klum’s face for example, you can see sharper angles in the cheekbones and jaw area. In the case of a square face structure, your goal is to try to soften the face angles a bit, you can do this using a kara haircut or long with wavy and loose hair in the face area (not too straight). The short pixie hairstyle can also suit this type of facial structure. This is very synonymous with German and northern Europeans, so it can really highlight your ethnicity too!

Diamond face structure 

This type of structure is when the area of ​​your cheekbones is wider than the forehead area. Women with a diamond-shaped facial structure, like Scarlett Johansson, should emphasize their special structure and not hide it. That is why you should choose hairstyles that reveal the structure of your beautiful cheekbones. You can have bangs but it is best that they are bouncy and lightweight! 

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