There are those who say that a lot can be inferred by a person’s choice of jewellery, especially if they have a diamond colour preference and with that in mind, here are a few things that coloured diamonds can say about a person.

Black Diamonds

These are incredibly rare and the person who likes to wear jewellery with black diamonds has a bold and self-confident personality.

Typically, the wearer would be an authoritative figure who is passionate about many things and have lots of ambition. They show determination to do what it takes to achieve their goal.

Those that wear black diamonds want to be noticed and are not afraid to take chances, especially in the business world.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds symbolise a person with love and devotion, which is why many romantics choose this colour.

Loyalty is another trait that people who wear pink diamonds normally show, while also having creativity and imagination.

Champagne Yellow

This shade is for happy people and if you are looking for stunning champagne diamond rings Australia has, there are specialist jewellers who design and create stunning rings to the client’s specifications.

The person who likes amber and yellow shades is faithful, kind and compassionate and they are very practical people, with some shades of light brown also coming into this category.

Clear Diamonds

The most common is the clear stone and this is said to symbolise a person who feels secure in their life and they like to share and give to others.

While most women wear clear diamonds, it is a sign of a well-balanced individual and a person who sees the best in everything and everyone.

There are articles you can find online that look at how colours say something about a person’s character and personality, which you might resonate with.

Blue Diamonds

Those who wear blue diamonds are very homely and they like nature, with perhaps a love of the ocean.

Some say that blue diamonds are for those who have intense dreams and if they are in a relationship, they would be loyal and faithful.

Blue is a natural colour and it tends to be associated with calmness and serenity and those that like blue are positive thinkers.

Green Diamonds

People who are drawn to the colour of green are very earth-based and are usually lovers of nature, while also having a love for adventure.

Like other colours of diamonds, green comes in various intensities, each with its own value and those who like green are generally peaceful folks.

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Of course, there will always be exceptions to the above generalisations and whatever colour diamonds you prefer, if you approach a custom jeweller, you can choose the loose stones and the cut. All it takes to reach a custom jeweller is an online search and with their design and crafting expertise, the perfect diamond engagement ring awaits!

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