A Dior bottle being repurposed for the medical community
Image: LVMH

Since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, individuals, organizations and brands have been doing what they can to help society to fight the spread of the virus and stay safe.

From tech companies spreading the message to stay at home with hashtags and stickers, to individuals lke you and me sharing tips of how to stay physically or mentally healthy during the lockdown, it feels like we’ve all come together to do our best to fight the virus.

The fashion industry hasn’t been an exception. We’ve seen news about Pronovias offrering free bridal dresses to all hospital-employed brides-to-be a free dress until August 31, 2020. Or about giants like Versace, Armani, PrettyLittleThing, Gucci or Tiffany & Co.’s millionaire donations.


Other brands like Makintosh, Chanel, Elleme, Sandro or the LVMH group decided to produce their own protective equipment, including nurse uniforms, face masks, goggles, face shield masks, gloves, etc.

Image source: Shieldhelp

Some others like Pinko preferred to donate equipment like ventilator helmets, or Prada with the donation of six intensive care and resuscitation units to hospitals.

Online stores like Shieldhelp*, whose main products are disposable face masks, are offering other crucial items like hand sanitizer, temperature guns, goggles or disposable gloves at great prices.

Instead of pricing-up these products like seen in some sellers around the internet, they’re lowering down the prices with discounts. You can see many different types of masks like disposable face masks, face shields, double valve masks, etc.

Image source: Shieldhelp

We’ve all seen the toilet roll craze. Well, in order for you to find everything in one place, Shieldhelp also sells bath tissue (toilet rolls and antiseptic wet wipes) besides their usual medical supplies.

Image source: Shieldhelp

In unprecedented times like this for modern history, we see the importance of unity, self-less help and positivity. We don’t have to be a multimillion-dollar brand to offer help. We can do it within our own community by staying home and following the guideless with respect and consideration fot others.

We need to protect ourselves to protect others.