Working on a laptop almost every day for years has its pros and cons. With the time I realised two of the most neglected body parts due to this job are my eyes and my back. When lower back pain became too real I started paying more attention to my posture and it was fairly easy to stop it from getting worse.

Back pain is the kind of pain that can immediately and negatively affect your experience, sometimes to the point where you are unable to sleep well at all. If you have ever had bad back pain, you will know just how bad it can really get. It is something that we would all rather do without as much as possible.

As it happens, there are a few common causes for back pain which you might want to be aware of, as that could help you to understand your own back pain better. And there are solutions that you can look into if you do get sudden back pain too. We’ll look into these issues here, as well as some general tips for looking after your back.


There are a range of common causes of back pain. It might be that you merely pulled a muscle or moved strangely, perhaps while lifting something or carrying out some strenuous movement. Or it might be that you have a spinal issue which will need looking at by a professional. Sometimes, it’s a simple case of having large breasts, or – more seriously – it could be something like osteoporosis.

Then again, if you have fractured something, that could have something to do with the pain, as could a bulging or ruptured disk in the spine. Whatever the cause, you need to identify it clearly. This way you can know how best to proceed in order to do away with it as soon as possible.


What to do about your back pain will depend largely on what kind of pain it is, and what caused it, so you need to determine that first of all. If you pulled a muscle, it might be a simple case of relaxing it, while moving it around occasionally to get it moving again.

Depending on the underlying issues for you chronic back pain, you could also find some relief in turmeric. Curcumin can potentially target inflammation and reduce free radical damage.

If you think that the cause of your back pain might be your large breasts, then there are a number of options you have there. Take a look at these breast reduction videos for instance.

If you have a more serious problem like arthritis or osteoporosis, then you will need to go and see your doctor to discuss your options. Often you will need physical therapy, especially if you have injured your back in some way, perhaps while playing sports. Make sure you follow whatever treatment course is suggested, and take care of it.

General Care

Much of that can be prevented with the right kind of general care for your back, and this is something that we could all do with learning more about. As it happens, there are plenty of ways in which you can look after your back better, including not moving too sharply with it, and resting it.

Having a good mattress is hugely important here too, as is ensuring that you are getting your calcium and keeping the bones strong and healthy. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to focus on, but it is worth it if it means having a stronger back.



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