Hi lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day last weekend. Today’s post is going to be a little different, as I’ll be reviewing something that’s not for me… but for my car. The Carfume luxury fragrances for cars.

Carfume* is a new brand that was born to bring premium fragrances to your car. It’s like pine tree air freshener’s rich aunt. Everything about these car fragrances looks fancy and gift-worthy.


Let’s start by the actual fragrance. For this review, I got the Love Hearts scent, part of their Valentines collection. The perfume is a blend of grapes, red berries, apple and vanilla.

Apart from the Valentines edition fragrances, you can choose your among 26 unique scents. These scents are divided For Him, For Her and Unisex. Just like any other proper perfume, you can read the notes and blends and pick the one that fits your personality the best.

Also, if you’re going on a special road trip solo, with your boo, family or friends, you can pick the one that suits the mood and destination the best! Isn’t that a cute idea for a gift?


Not only the fragrances are gorgeous but also the presentation. The box comes with the cutest little bottle where you later pour the fragrance. The bottle resembles to a jewel, and it comes in blue, green, pink, purple and red. All of them are combined with a wooden geometric lid with the Carfume logo in it.

There are also matte bottles with more colors that are part of their Premium collection. Other collections include Cute, Deluxe, and seven Special Editions. All their fragrances are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The liquid that comes in the refill little bottle will last for weeks. Once it’s finished, you can buy separately a new refill bottle and keep using your jewel Carfume bottle for as long as you want.

Say you fell in love with one of their fragrances and suddle having it only in your car is not enough. Well, many of these fragrances also come in the shape of home air fresheners, diffusers and wax melts! So you can enjoy them in your home too!

I had my Love Hearts fragrances in my car for weeks and it still smells beautifully! You can definitely tell it’s a luxury car fragrance. The Carfume bottle looks so fancy hanging from the mirror with that cute string that also comes included.

I’m obsessed with how our car smells since we put the Carfume fragrance in. I insist this is a great idea for a gift! It looks gorgeous, there’s a scent for pretty much anyone, and it’s new and innovative.

Check out Carfume’s website to see all their options!!



Ph: Robert Howells