As you might know, out of all the hair accessories for a bride, I chose the tiara. Queen complex much? Maybe, haha, but my fashion choice paid off and the tiara became one of the best accessory picks I had for my wedding day. But in a sea of options, which is right one for you?

It’s been often said that some brides relate tiaras with a fairy tale princess costume and see the accessory as outdated. Ironically, since Kate Middleton got married to Prince William in 2011, tiaras have been on the rise, they’re incredibly popular and unlike flowers crows, they’re not just a trend but a classic.

There are tons of stores to get gorgeous tiaras from, and after reading some really great comments from AW Bridal reviews I did my research. Their tiaras are royalty-style. Queen-like designs with elaborated shapes, fully covered in crystal rhinestones of different shapes and some even of different colors.

I’d definitely recommend AW Bridal® * for the bride who wants to make an impact. A structured dress with an embroidered A line skirt or a ball gown. The bride who dares to make her jewelry a statement and doesn’t shy away from intricate designs in tiaras or proper fully rounded crowns. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have the budget of a real queen to afford these items. The greatest part of this store is that their tiaras range from $5 to $16.

If what you’re looking for is more vintage, ethereal or even bohemian, you could try smaller tiaras with pearls, metallic leaf designs, little pearls forming flower shapes or metallic gold stars. ETSY Personal Made tiaras are perfect for these styles, and you find them in a variety of materials (as well as prices).

Now, what about classic tiaras? Usually featuring one row, embellished with lots of crystals and in silver or gold shades. The size of just a bit bigger than a regular headband, and they give you the classic princess look, especially if you wear them with your hair up or in a bun. However you can made them look more “decontracté” with your hair down and half up. A great example of a brand that makes this style of tiaras is Davids Bridal® USA, but bear in mind that some of them tend to be slightly pricier than the ones mentioned above.

Rose gold tiaras like my own belong to this ultra romantic style but with a strong royal vibe (given the overall design and placement of the stones). I found it the perfect middle middle ground and the fact that it was made of rose gold made, my favorite color, it even more special. I wore it with my hair down to lessen the “formality” of the item and make it less severe. I did that because my wedding was during the daytime and in a lovely and chic countryside venue surrounded by mountains and nature. Always keep in mind the hours when the wedding will be happening and the location, so that your overall bridal look fits cohesevily with the whole wedding.

(Product pictures of my rose gold tiara)

To recap: Beach weddings, small intimate weddings, rustic weddings, vintage or retro themed weddings or even destination weddings fit perfectly with the bohemian type I described above. Pearls, flower shapes, metallic leaves, golden stars…

Luxurious and opulent weddings call for an equally extravagant tiara, like any of the AW Bridal Tiaras. They will add drama and a wow factor just like your venue decoration or that sky-high cake you ordered. Forget about feeling like a princess on your wedding day, these are made for queens!

Traditional weddings, confident brides with impeccable taste, romantic dresses with a timeless style and graceful tiaras that look straight out of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or the real-life princesses Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. If that’s your style then classic embellished sturdy tiaras are the answer.

Have you worn a tiara on your wedding day? Or would you? Let me know in the comments below!