Hi babes! So, in case you’re following me on Instagram you might have seen my stories unboxing the gorgeous pieces jewellery store Jouellerie sent me a few weeks ago (if you still want to see the stories you can still find them in the Fashion category). As you can see, I was a tad obsessed with bracelets and bangles, so I got not 1, not 2 but 4 of them! Plus a captivating statement necklace in neutral tones. Best part? All of that for $25!

We started with the right food as soon as I saw the packaging. The pieces came in a black box, when you open it you can see each item inside a transparent plastic bag which at the same time is all wrapped in a little black velvet bag. You also get a card with a list of the products you’re getting, but hey, not just any list, but a cute detailed list with the product image, its name and the colour. I’m sorry but I live for nice details like this <3 Last but not least, when I took all the jewellery out of the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a cute message written in the inner part of the box saying «Hey Deborah! Life just got a whole lot sparklier!«, finishing with their website and social media. You don’t even have to ask me, I absolutely LOVED the presentation.


The only golden item of the bunch, I love how classic and timeless is the design of this bangle. It has the right amount of sparkle and it still looks super classy. It’s one of those items of jewellery that would never go out of style. I can see it with an impeccable LBD or as part of a trendy arm candy set 😉 Let your creative shine!


Probably the simplest yet most versatile of all. It can look cool and badass, or it can be a simple minimalist statement, all depending on the styling and if you combine it with other accessories. It’s also the kind of accessory that will be there when you don’t know exactly what to wear, true story! 😉


Now this the is most, say, opulent one of the group. The whole bracelet has like a «bubbly» texture from beginning to end, and it the middle we see 9 little half rings covered by strass. Also, the opening an closing clasp is a magnetic, which is so cool! I’d happily reserve this bracelet for formal evening or when I want my accessories to stand out.


As I stated on my Instagram stories, this bangle is my absolute favourite. I just love the design that cleverly represents an eclipse, if you see the position of the strass in the different circles. It’s a lovely idea executed to perfection. Plus, I don’t have any piece of silver jewellery that looks formal, so something tells me I’ll be wearing this one a lot. <3


I’m a sucker for geometric lines and shapes on my accessories. This piece came as the perfect statement necklace 2.0, far from the over-charged rhinestone rainbow chunky flower statement necklace from 2013 (it was one of the «it» accessories for any blogger back in the day, remember?). This version of statement necklace is more refined, more polished, still getting the spotlight in any outfit but from a more grown up and sophisticated angle.

I’m absolutely obsessed with each of these pieces. The quality and the whole presentation blew my mind. I confess I wasn’t expecting something that good for the price, but hell no, don’t let the affordable price tag fool you, the quality and designs of Jouellerie pieces are excellent. I could proudly buy a set and give it to my mother or one of my sisters, that’s how much I’d recommend this to you. <3 This is one of those reviews that make me so happy to write because the brand actually exceeded my expectations. You can check out Jouellerie’s Instagram for inspo as well. Don’t say I didn’t tell you! 😉