Thinking of becoming a beautician? Read these five simple steps first and find out everything you need to know!

How To Become A Beautician In 5 Simple Steps

We have pulled together what it takes to become a beautician. Keep reading to learn more about key job skills, education, and how to make the right decision in this career for you!

What Is a Beautician?

A beautician is a well trained and experienced professional who utilize their skills and knowledge to provide beauty treatments, advice to their customers, and provide hair care.

Besides that, beauticians can also provide an array of other services, including hair shampooing, styling, cutting, colouring but also waxing, makeup, massages, and train others to do it or apply it.

Ultimate Guide On How To Become A Beautician

Step #1 Research Beautician Education Needs And Career Duties

The beauty industry is flourishing in the UK. Did you know that consumers are actually spending over a couple of billions of pounds each year on beauty services and grooming products? Not to mention that the number of male customers is increasing as well.

Anyhow, besides above mentioned services beauticians can do, they can also provide more advanced treatments such as permanent makeup, laser therapy, and electrolysis. They also need to offer valuable advice related to makeup, haircare, skincare, and even health and fitness.

Although the vast majority of beauticians are trained in a few areas, most focus on one single speciality, such as nails, lash extension, or hair.

Step #2 Get Acquainted With Beauty Schools And Enroll

Training to become a professional beauty is not a thing that you can learn at universities and four year colleges.

But people who are interested in the beauty industry can find relevant programs at independent and licensed cosmetology schools, community colleges, and technical schools.

These programs offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as dressing, haircutting, nail care, skincare, and so on.

Step #3 Complete The Lash Extension Course

Lash extension is one of the fastest growing beauty services that offer many perks. As a lash extension technician, you can have both managing your own beauty salon and being self employed.

There are plenty of ways in which you can learn to become an expert on the lash extension, and all of them are flexible and can be fitted into your schedule. However, bear in mind that if you want to become a lash extension expert, you need to attend a recognized and valid training like this Lash Extension Course.

Step #4 Learn Necessary Skills

Being a beautician is not all about nailing the job because you are going to work with people, which means you will need to have the following qualities:

  • Be welcoming and friendly
  • Have interest and passion in beauty
  • Be artistic as most of the treatments require precision and high manual dexterity
  • Be diplomatic and tactful
  • Be able to diligently explain treatment procedures and options
  • Be understanding
  • Be able to sell beauty products and treatments that you offer
  • And many others
Step #5 Getting A Cosmetology License

Last but not least. Each and every beautician must be licensed. Licensing includes passing a written and practical exam, and it usually needs to be renewed after a couple of years.

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