beauty treatments you must try befoer you turn 30

What do you get when your skin is at its best? The answer is simple; Women’s intuition! You know precisely how to use what works and avoid what does not.

That means no more trial and error because your body will tell you time again which beauty treatment suits it best. Beauty experts have found some remedies to try out before you reach 30 years of age, and this blog will expose them. 

Some of these treatments may even surprise you, while others are just common sense. Continue reading to find out some of the beauty procedures that every lady needs to try before they turn thirty.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The fact that hormone levels change rapidly post-30 means that waxing or shaving might not work for some time. You can invest in an infinity diode laser hair removal machine to eliminate unwanted hair permanently without causing any permanent side effects such as bumps, burns or discolouration. 

The only pain that comes with the process is the heat generated by the laser’s beam itself, but since the machine is not a hundred per cent perfect, you might experience some tingling on the skin.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is not as painful as it seems, and cosmetic experts have also found a way to ensure that you are not left with any marks from the procedure. There will be no plucking or waxing involved either, which usually leaves people looking like they had a run-in with some other person’s brows! 

The procedure lasts for just an hour or even less depending on your eyebrow shape but keep in mind that there might be some mild tingling sensation during the process. After everything is over, you can return home without worrying about your makeup because proper aftercare instructions will be provided to follow.

Chemical Peels for Glowy Skin

If you want to slow down ageing, then chemical peels are the way to go. Most women at the age of 30 would prefer facial treatments that could take care of their ageing signs and give them a youthful, beautiful look instead. 

The best part about chemical peels is they do not cause any side effects or damages to your cells like other harsh methods such as laser treatment which can leave you looking blotchy and uneven.

Chemical peels are also considered safer for first-timers than other procedures involving machinery such as dermal fillers. It might be painful, but its results will last longer than any other procedure done on your facial skin. Chemical peels may require multiple sessions to achieve better results, but it beats all others by leaps and bounds.

Gel Manicures for Glossy, Long-Lasting Results

If you currently have chipped nail polish on or if your nail polish does not last more than a day, then it is time to switch to gel manicure. The procedure will help strengthen your nails, so they grow long and prevent them from breaking easily while keeping the shine looking fresh.

At the age of 30, women do not want to look older and don’t want to spend too much time on their daily routines. Beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, eyebrow tinting and gel manicures can help save time while giving you a youthful glow that will last for a long time with fewer signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

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