Being a total season cliché (and I love it) thanks to this adorable Autumn red tartan dress by Blooming Jelly*!

Tartan is one of those patterns that will never go out of style, no matter the year, especially during the fall/winter season. It’s in that same eternal group next to animal print and floral. Timeless and trend-proof.

Having said that, I don’t have enough tartan presence on my wardrobe. Most likely because I always related it to my school uniform. For more than a decade I had to wear the same plaid skirt and the second I graduated high shool, I ditched red tartan for good.

A couple of years ago, it made a shy appearance, first in the shape of a scarf and then as an oversized shirt, but it wasn’t until now that I saw myself wearing tartan from head-to-toe again, courtesy of Blooming Jelly.


I wore Blooming Jelly before in dresses, bikinis and a cardigan. I’ve found the quality of the items always good and consistent, and this dress wasn’t the exception. They have it in red and black, and in grey and white.

Material is comfortable, not prone to wrinkle and not see-through. The design won my heart the second I saw it had side pockets. Anything is bettern with pockets, even a wedding gown lol.

And the best of all, this dress is highly versatile and I’m already seeing all the possible styling options: a black leather jacket, brown shearling coat, double-breasted tailored coat (red for extra Christmassy points later this year)… ankle boots, over the knee, or 60s like under the knee camel boots. Gosh the options are endless!

How did you welcome autumn, guys? Or if you’re reading this on the Southern Hemisphere, how did you welcome spring?



Ph: Robert Howells

Dress: Blooming Jelly* – Boots: Dorothy Perkins – Bag: Primark – Belt: SheIn