Hi babes! This won’t be your average beauty post. Yes, I’ll be talking about beauty and skincare like I did many times before, but this time I’ll be actually introducing a way to enhance your beauty from within with these incredible food supplements by Artefact.

I’ve been testing Artefact’s Vegan Anti-Aging & Aesthetics Food Supplements* for the last 3 weeks. These supplements are a mix of Vitamin K2, Biotin, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Seabuckthorn, Rhodiola, Silica (from bamboo extract) and Kalawalla. Don’t worry tho, I know the names of these ingredients sound crazy but they’re mainly derived from plants. “And how exactly will these big words help me?” you must be asking yourself. Well, every little capsule is “formulated less as beautifying and rejuvenating supplement in the classical sense of cosmetics and more of a combative, corrective, calming and enhancing agent that works against premature aging while maintaining the equilibrium and resilience of the body and mind”. This is serious anti-aging without the pain or invasion of plastic surgery, basically.

The Artefact Laboratory created two supplements for two different areas. Concept I is Immutity & Vitality, and the one I’m reviewing is Concept II, which it also happens to be vegetarian and vegan friendly. If you’re curious about the ingredients you’re free to check Artefact’s website where they explain in more detail all about them.

Now, the big question, of course: Do I see any effects from taking the supplements? Yes, I have noticed some few improvements, especially energy-wise (I feel with more energy when I wake up in the morning) and I think the collagen boots also strengthen my hair and nails. Prior to these capsules I was really struggling to grow my nails, now they’re finally long and strong. <3 Given that I’m still in my 20s I don’t have big visible signs of age yet, plus the fact that I haven’t finished the 90 capsules, I can’t give a proper review of the supplements’ anti-aging properties but I’m sure the collage production boost and stress-combative ingredients have done wonders for my skin.

For everyone who’s into the latest of non-invasive anti-aging products, this is the best big thing to try. If you’re in need of vegan supplements that will boost your energy and make you look naturally beautiful from within, this is for you too. It’s important to note, though, that supplements work differently on everyone, so maybe some of you will see the impact sooner, some of you later, and so on. However, I can say from my personal experience that Artefact’s Concept II Anti-Aging & Aesthetics supplements turned out to be a game changer in my beauty and skincare routine.